Monday, May 9, 2016

Progress Update of our new Home

My daughter was in town for the weekend with her fiancé Tony to look at wedding venues in Asheville. But first, we had to take them to see our future home.

Standing in front of the clubhouse- where we will hopefully
host a welcome party for the wedding guests.

Beautiful long range mountain views for all the guests to enjoy-

And the sound of that crazy river is amazing to here- so peaceful.

Tony enjoying the tire swing that is there for the "kids"!!

And finally up to the building site-  the roof is taking shape.

Surveying the lower level bedrooms- each with their expansive window
to view and hear  the river below.
And we finally chose a stone on Friday- saw this home in Walnut Cove that our builder built years ago in Doggett Mountain stone and loved the colors and shape. 

It has a lot of gray stones with some warmth.  Love that it is sourced locally.

Our windows will be dark gray to contrast with the stone. 

Lintel detail for over the windows and doors. 
When we began this process, I never thought that we would choose a dry stack masonry for the stone.
 I think it makes the house fit into the mountain side like a natural element- always being there.  
We are very excited - it was fun showing my daughter the house  for the first time. 


Christy said...

Aw, such sweet pictures of the happy couple. Julie is glowing and the house is growing. Your stone selection is so pretty and perfect for the area! I can't believe the progress in the house. A spectacular setting for the wedding, too!

Sarah said...

Beautiful, romantic spot for a wedding! Your home is going to be incredible. Thanks for sharing the process.

Laurell Banner said...

Julie and Tony look so happy. This is going to be a beautiful wedding with all those views.
It is funny seeing Julie walking around in on of the rooms. Reality check.
Love the stone. It has so many colors in it. Mother Nature knows what she is doing.