Thursday, May 26, 2016

We Took To The Woods!

We Took To The Woods is a little gem of a retail store in Greenville, South Carolina.  In this day of boring big box stores and malls full of the same old national chains, it is a true delight to shop in a store that has soul!   These entrepreneurial concepts are hard to find these days, so it is  important to support them!   When I plan a trip to this store, I start to feel giddy!

Last week, my friend Jill and I planned a trip to go to We Took To The Woods.  We knew they had recently re-merchandised the store and it was set for spring.

Walking in to the front of the store, a "tea" bar is set up with teas, pretty china,  hotel silver and just layered with yummy merchandise.  We were immediately offered a cup of tea.

Layered and layered - so much fun to see

A large center table in the main room was filled with candles, crystal, linens and antiques.
You could spend an hour perusing it!

Well-made clothing - classic styles are offered for sale.  They pour their own candles and the scents are wonderful.  Leather goods, old flasks, books and jewelry are layered in. 
I always find a special item to purchase in this adorable place.  This time I was inspired by the foraged floral arrangements throughout the store.  So I purchased 2 crystal vases to arrange my soon to be foraged specimens! 

Flowers "foraged"  from Sam's Club in my new vases!

Foraged arrangement from the yard of a friend! I purchased this vase from them in February!
So if ever in Greenville, SC- visit them!  Check out their website and get more info at


Sarah said...

I'm with you! It's such a treat to shop a store with creative merchandise that you don't see everywhere else you shop. I'm smitten with your crystal vases. Love the pedestals.

Christy said...

I LOVED that store! Looks even better now. Enjoy your time with Lynda Sue!!! I'm going to a party and sitting on your old front porch on Sunday! It still reminds me of you.

Laurell Banner said...

Great shop. I will have to check it out next time.
Say hi to Lynda. I am sure you two will have fun exploring.