Wednesday, June 1, 2016

One Month From Moving In!!

It was one year ago on Memorial Day weekend, that friends gathered at Jill and Barry's new home building site to celebrate the beginning of the house.   We had just finished marrying their daughter, Laura, to Charlie at a beautiful ceremony and reception.  Finally it was time to rest and reflect.   So with our wine, leftover flowers from the wedding  and accompaniments, we sat on picnic tables and celebrated life.

As you can see, there was only the concrete foundation and bit of rough in plumbing complete. We signed those concrete walls to mark the day!
That was one year ago- Memorial Day weekend!

Flash forward to this past Memorial Day weekend- 2017.  One year later-

Walking the house this weekend- 

Front doors are in and waiting to be stained.  Stairs in and waiting for hand rails. 

 Elevator cab has arrived and is ready for final  finishes.
Living room fireplace complete and waiting for it's limestone mantel.

Kitchen sink has arrived and waiting for its counters.

Wonderful laundry room floor has been installed and is ready to be cleaned.

Master shower marble is installed and waiting for faucets.

Powder room sink base is waiting for it's sink!
So it's down to the finish line!   Lots of details to complete, but we have been told that the
move-in date is July 1st!    I am hoping that there is magic in those mountains that will make this true!
No matter what the date is- it will be worth it!  It is a stunning new home.
What a difference a year makes! 


Christy said...

Unbelievable!! Cant believe it is a year later. I love the laundry room floor. Everything looks amazing and the house is spectacular!

Jill said...

So true!-- what a difference one short year makes!!---- those finishing touches plus many more are anxiously being awaited! I want to be there every day now to see the progress!!--- thanks so much for being such a partner on this project!-- now it is on to yours and to your daughters' wedding--- what the next year will bring for both of us!!

Laurell Banner said...

So exciting to see this project come to life. It is just as beautiful as I imagined.
This is going to be a happy summer for you and Barry.
All the best.

Katha said...

Jill, your house is stupendous!!! Love the living room fireplace, can't wait to see it with the mantel! You must be getting so excited this close to the finish line. Susan, thanks for the awesome pictures!!!