Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Getting My Crafting Groove Going Again

Let's face it.  My last 18 months have been spent building and moving into a new home and planning my daughter's wedding.  I haven't had the space or the materials to do any craft projects during that time.  But that has all changed now! Not that I have not enjoyed the past months, but now  I can get back to my happy place. 

I wanted to create a special gift for someone that had done an extraordinary job during our daughter's wedding weekend.   We hired a local chef and his wife to cater the farewell party at our home.  We intended to have our son's be the bartenders, but somehow that didn't happen.  So Kate, the chef's assistant and wife stepped in quickly and bartended all afternoon for us.  Over and above what we contracted them to do!  

She is the mother of two and loves to spend any time off, making craft projects with them.  So I filled a box with craft supplies from Michaels and a gift card to make additional purchases.  But I wanted to make something special for her.

The craft room is not completely organized yet, as I am waiting for shelves to be installed to hold all the crafting supplies.  But at least everything is out and available for projects.

Ribbons, fabrics, beading, metal findings, rhinestones, laces are all organized into acrylic bins.

My girlfriend, Jill, came over one Sunday afternoon,
and organized three cabinets full of ribbon for me. 

 Ribbons are divided into color palettes and placed on shelves in the cabinets above the counter.

 Time to create my first project in the new house!

I purchased a rhinestone crown from Michaels in the bridal section. 

Creating the label on parchment paper on the computer, I glued it inside of a metal frame.

 The crown was finished with butterflies, bees and flowers.

All of the crafting supplies and the gift card were placed in the hat box for a crafting
project with the kids.

A vintage bird with it's own crown was glued to the top of the frame.

As a final touch, the crown was nestled into the ribbon on the top of the box. 

Thanks Kate- you are a Chef's Assistant Extraordinaire.


Christy said...

Lucky Queen Kate to be the recipient of one of your special gifts. And she truly was one terrific bartender.....I remember her well. Very calm, very sweet! Oh my, your ribbon shelves are pure envy........mine are shoved into a plastic bin under my bed. I know how much you love your got your groove back!!

Linda said...

The thoughtful gift you made with the spectacular wrapping is the most special gift you can give---your time. Amazing!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful, thoughtful gift for this special lady and I just love the tiara topper on the hat box.

I have serious craft room envy. My "sewing/craft room measures all of 8' X 10' and I have to share it with a desk, laptop and our books. I will just have to immerse myself in your fabulous pictures.

Thank you for a fantastic post.

Splenderosa said...

LOVE plastic bins !!! I could not live without them as I'm obsessively organized. You should sell those darling birds. Just think what wonder table favors they would make when you're having a dinner party !!!! Lots to share with you, I'll email. sending love..

Laurell Banner said...

Such a special gift for a special new friend. Your farewell party was so wonderful with the help from the great chef and his wife Kate.
Hope to see them again when we come visit and play in your craft room.

cindy weis said...

what am amazing and thoughtful gift, I imagine she was just thrilled with it. Love your craft room, I am sure it will have many hours of wonderful creations coming out of there! I did spy a small clock, my husband has the same one, he was an executive with Marshall Fields many years ago, and they gave that sweet clock to their employees, I can't remember what the milestone was (I need to look on the top of the clock), hope you have time to relax and enjoy your beautiful new home.

Katha said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift! She'll love it for sure. Love your craft room too! It truly is amazing and you for sure will spend many happy hours there!

Brandi said...

I love it! All the beautiful pictures are giving me so much inspiration I want to start right away. You have good taste I must say, the crown you made for your daughter is so imaginative and beautiful. I am about to buy an old trailer and renovate it. I am so excited to try interior design, something I have always wanted to do.

Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals