Friday, June 30, 2017

So Easy Hummingbird Cake

I was in the mood for a Southern  Hummingbird cake, but not in the mood for icing several layers of cake.  So I decided to make a Hummingbird pound cake recipe that I found on the internet from Bakers Royale.

 I gathered all the ingredients together to begin the easy process of making the batter.

I decided to substitute black walnuts for the pecans because I love their unique taste. A vendor at the Western North Carolina farmer's market sells them in large mason jars.  I always keep a jar on hand.

I baked the batter in a tube pan instead of a bundt pan, just so it would be easier to get out of the pan.

Next the simple cream cheese drizzle was mixed and poured on with a sprinkling of black walnuts.

 Fresh nasturtiums from the garden decorated the cake.

The cake quickly started disappearing!

This recipe created one of the moistest cakes that I have ever tasted.  The combination of the mashed banana and crushed pineapple added a lot of moisture.   It was the quickest cake that I have ever made and one of the best too!

My husband loved this cake for breakfast- very similar to a banana bread texture.  The quick process of mixing this cake and the  wonderful flavor will make it a family favorite. 

Thank you Bakers Royale!

For the recipe-


Splenderosa said...

YOU are SO talented !!!
Cooking is something I've almost given up !

Happy 4th !!

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Mari said...

Oh it looks sooooo yummy...thanks for sharing, I will have to give it a try....


Linda said...

Looks yummy! Will have to try it--your way--as I also love pecans! Thank you for sharing

Laurell Banner said...

Let's make that when we come to visit. Looks yummy.

Christy said...

I copied and pasted the recipe. I love the name...Hummingbird cake. Going to try. I love the flavor of bananas in a cake.
Happy 4th!

Sandra Wesson said...

That looked yummy!!!!!!!!!!

Jill said...

You always make everything look so yummy!!-- love banana bread so will definitely have to give this a try!!
Hope you had a great 4th!