Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wedding Weekend Farewell Party

Wow- somehow it was a blur.  The wedding is over and now it is time to say good bye to all our wonderful guests that traveled to North Carolina to celebrate Tony and Julia's wedding.  

We planned a quiet Sunday afternoon brunch with the one of the best chef's in Asheville.  Chef Brian came to our home and prepared a decadent afternoon gourment spread.  Beef tenderloin with 4 different sauces, pork belly, panzanalla salad, peach fennel salad, cannolis and strawberry lemon tart.s were the stars of the enticing food. 

Flowers were brought home from the wedding and placed throughout the house.

This one was placed on top of my French Bistro shelf in the middle of the dining table. The table is now ready to be filled with salads and breads.

The front entry table

Small bouquets sit on sterling silver stumps from the wedding tables.

 The dining table is filled with wine crates to elevate platters of salads. 

Lump Maryland crab cakes sit front and center on a cut barn beam left over from our construction.

 Panzanella  Salad in a big copper tray.
 Peach and Fennel Salad

Sweets were placed in the gathering room for guests to enjoy. 

 Home Cannoli's with rich cream- wonderful.

A sweet ending to a sweet weekend-  wonderful memories forever.


Margaret Carruthers said...

What a wonderful farewell you gave to your guests. They must have had a truely memorable visit.

Katha said...

So wonderful to see it all again! Each time, I notice a new detail that my eye hasn't caught before! Those flowerrs were exquisite and so happy you were able to enjoy them in your home. And oh my the food was insane, could have made a glutton of myself. I cannot stop thinking of that peach and fennel salad. It was so delicious! It was all so much fun and went by way too fast!!! As you said, so many wonderful memories!!!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Elegant, appealing, and must have been delicious. All done with your usual and admirable flare.

Laurell Banner said...

What a way to end a glorious weekend. To finally seeing your finished home all decked out and you enjoying it the way you should.
The food was was delish and the presentation beautiful.
Hope you have many more years of intertaining and happy times to come.

Christy said...

I've been trying to think of how to express my memories of this day....the wedding was sensational and seeing your gorgeous home in all its beauty and the unbelievable spread of food was truly one of the best days. Not to mention the prettiest flowers I have ever seen.

Linda A. said...

Lovely setting for a closing gathering to the wedding event. I'm sure guests hated
to leave the beautiful surroundings. Thank you for sharing !

Jill said...

It was so fun to see everyone experience your beautiful home for the first time!-- it really looked awesome!-- and the food ... he out did himself!-- it was fantastic!---- what a weekend!-- gone so fast but oh what memories for all!-- you did a spectacular job!!