Sunday, December 27, 2009

Last Sunday of 2009

I love Sunday mornings- just time to putz around the house and contemplate upcoming projects.

This morning my son Todd and I are getting ready for an informal open house this afternoon, so there's a pork shoulder in the oven smelling good. My daughter in law Deena is making flatbread for the pulled pork sandwiches and the grandbabies are watching cartoons. My husband is playing with our new coffee maker and getting ready for his favorite show- Sunday Morning.

I am going around freshening up Christmas displays. Our foyer this year is decorated with natural hedge apples, frosty ferns, and white paperwhites . The crusty old cherub relic is a favortive new find this season. A collection of old silver, an antique Visitors log, and a wonderful old clock make an interesting collage for the holidays. Maybe for tonight I should burn our new Godiva Candle - Peppermint Bark. And maybe freshen up the flowers a little--- otherwise, I think we are ready for a party!

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