Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Special Cover-ups!

Last minute wrapping of gifts is sometimes an unwanted task. So I have created several pre-wrapped boxes, that you can simply add tissue inside and just drop in your gift! They add instant Christmas decor just simply sitting under the tree, on an ottoman, or on a table scape. I just save them from year to year, and am constantly adding new ones because I enjoy making them. Either cover a sturdy box with a beautiful fabric using a spray adhesive, or simply buy decorative box from a store. Then the fun begins! All throughout the year, gather small vintage treasures, scraps of lace, old buckles, silk flowers, and whatever else catches your fancy. Then assemble a collage together and hot glue it to the box top. I love making and presenting gifts in these magical boxes. Sometimes, you can judge a gift by it's cover!

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