Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jessica gets Crowned!

Bridal showers are girls time to connect, to get to talk, the time to appreciate just being female. Crowns can be worn with abandonment, flowers can be abundant, and female conversation is the way of the day. The day was beautiful, conversation flowed and the day meandered on to be a restful day.. People sat on the porch, ate lunch, drank wine and relaxed and enjoyed the soft breeze. The Plack girls did wear their crowns, but details to come on that detail and this shower tomorrow. Don't they look great?

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christine said...

Dear Susan,
Enchanting is the word to describe Jesscia's shower yesterday. It truly was a magical day. The flowers, the scents, the delicious beverages, the scrumptious food, the was all lovely. The atmosphere in your home is so inviting and welcoming. I look forward to seeing more pictures.