Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paris comes to Chicago

On Friday, Julie A. and I went to the new Chicago French Marketplace. We wanted to explore ideas for an upcoming bridal shower that we are having this weekend. In general, the market was lively, in particular, Pastoral Artisan Cheeses. They were making delectable sandwiches, in unusual combinations- figs, blue cheese and prosciutto on french baguettes - over 20 different sandwich combinations to choose from. We purchased fresh goat cheese from them - from a farm in southern Illinois. We will use it in a lemon infused goat cheese appetizer for the shower. Bread artisans were abundant, and the bread was truly works of art. A cinnamon apple focaccia went home with Julie. Supposedly she was giving it to her mother in law - but I wonder if that happened?????? Pastries from the Vanille Patisserie went home with me, and I can tell you that I did not give them to anyone. The beautiful confections were devoured by my family that night and they were divine. However, I did purchase exquisite handmade truffles from Canady Le Chocolatier for the shower. Metallic coatings, lavender and white chocolate, and beautiful rose shapes- I just hope that they make it to Sunday - I've seen my son peaking in those boxes several times!

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