Sunday, April 3, 2011

Antiquing Trip to Morris, Illinois

Last Wednesday, my friend Jill and I drove to Morris, Illinois to check out the town.While it was still a nippy 40 something degrees, the sun was bright and we were just excited to get out in the countryside. Our Tennessee friend, Marlene, had told us about Morris and said it was worth the drive. Once getting past the strip centers on the main road in, we arrived at a quaint little Midwestern town. Two stores were definitely worth the drive, Whimsey and Ruby Begonia's. Since Whimsey had a decidedly more garden feel, we both purchased nests, eggs and these beautiful ribbon pins that the owner makes and sells in her Etsy shop. Ruby Begonia's had adorable clothing - very uptown style and with it! After having lunch in the local diner, we headed north home on the back roads. Finding a great little garden shop, we both purchased varieties of pussy willow, including a French pussy willow, that we had never seen. It has a smaller bud that is a pretty blue grey color. Beautiful varieties of pansies were available, and will look great in the Little Red Riding hood planter found at an antique mall along the way. Hats off to the two great stores we found - I understand that they have started a monthly market in their town- "Three French Hens", selling antiques, hand made items and food. We will definitely check that out this summer. Coming home with our finds of the day, I decided that while the little Red Riding Hood planter will probably go to the store, Whimsey's ribbon pins will stay on a muslin and scrim pillow on my guest bed. And those French pussy willows???? Definitely a home on the piano in my living room!

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Whimsy said...

Thanks soooo much for your kind words!! I am so happy you enjoyed shopping in my boutique! I LOVE what you did with your pins!! GREAT IDEA!! Hopefully you can make it to one of our markets - lots of new vendors this year.
Thanks so much!! Love your blog!
XO Traci