Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Christmas Embellishments

mailing tubes covered with old sheet music and copies of old engravings

adding embossed stamps, old trims and rhinestones to give each one character

unadorned angel

"gussied up" angel

now embellished with old trims and jewels and of course a crown

love his new rhinestone and silk ruffled vest.

French inspired burlap stockings now enhanced with rhinestone details

Yes , I know it's Halloween, but our Christmas Open House is this Friday and Saturday!  When I purchase Christmas at market, I try to find a few things that we can embellish and make a little more special for our customers.  We have made the mailing tubes to look like old parchment paper and will add gold floral elements to the ends and tie into a Christmas tree with special wired ribbons.  Many of these have been custom made for a very special customer's tree, but some are still available for sale.  We will be using them with music inspired Venetian masks and a wide black and cream music note ribbon for the tree in her living room.  I have embellished them with trims from an old trim book that was discontinued, rhinestones, torn gold doilies, ribbon,  gold glitter and crests.   While it is hard to see in the pictures, they have a lot of sparkle and should be very glittery in the tree.   Simple muslin angels now sparkle with new embellishments and will be joined by the Santa elves at the Holiday Open House this weekend.  We are  closed on Thursday to set up the store and will open at 10 am on Friday morning all decked out for the  Christmas season. 

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Cynthia said...

Beautiful! I love it all.