Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Virginia Trip- Alexandria and Georgetown

get there by sea -  Old Town Alexandria harbor on the Potomac River

get there by air- Reagon Airport less than 5 minutes from town

Have your bourbon on the "Rock" - a single large ice cube to keep the toddy cold allowing  miminal water  to
dilute the elixir!


Southern Hospitality at its best - coffee in the morning  for after drinking that Virginia toddy!

dog friendly is an understatement - dog bowls of water on the side walks for thirsty pets
after they check in to the Hotel Monaco in Old Town Alexandria

Or they can join a major dog walk with their owners, raising money for a charity.

Quaint tree lined streets with history from the 1700's- full of stores that are unique and independently owned - very few national chain retailers - loved it - an exciting change of pace for shopping opportunities

 a foodie town with unique restaurants

Right down the "rivah" from the national mall

view of the Washington Monument from Alexandria

Lincoln Memorial View from the Potomac


The White House

Washington Monument from the National Mall

Jefferson Memorial located on the tidal pool.

entrance to Mt. Vernon

Mount Vernon- home of George and Martha Washington

George and Martha's view from their porch of the Potomac

George loved it here - loved farming and refused his third term as President of the United States to return to Mt. Vernon and his beloved Martha and farm his estate!

Lobby of the Hotel Monaco in Old Town Alexandria

cool reception desk

faux finished mantel in lobby

Georgetown Harbor

Georgetown shopping district - unfortunately full of  national chains who can afford the high rent - could not find a single unique retail store, although cupcake shops are hot here!

Very international flavor in Georgetown - loved this little French Salon

beautiful pastries for sale

French Baguettes filled with cheeses and charcuterie

Macarons-  the size of hamburger buns

tarts galore

Upstairs dining room of Paul

decorated with plum velvet upholstery on black French chairs- grey blue walls and rustic wide plank floors as contrast- adorable dining room!  Loved having lunch at Paul

And of course, a trip to Alexandria is only completed by spending time with our own grand-dog,  Addison!
Addy on Mr. RTH's lap while watching the ball game at Julie's apartment!! 

My daugher recently moved to Alexandria, Virginia for her career.  We couldn't be happier - it is an awesome place to live. While very congested and busy, it is young and happening place. It's full of deep rooted history, five minutes from Washington and the Georgetown scene, yet Old Town Alexandria keeps it's own personality.  Independent retailers abound here. There are lots of great home  shops, cute dress shops and lots of art galleries.  Restaurants are quaint and the food is good! We went  back to the late 1700's and visited George Washington's estate and learned so much that we never knew about the first president - (He was 6 ft. 3 inches tall and Martha was only 4"11.)   We took a stoll down the National Mall and saw the famous monuments of our country. Staying at the Hotel Monaco, in Old Town, you are in the perfect location to walk to the harbor, shops and restaurants.  For history buffs, foodies and shoppers - this is a perfect American vacation! Because of the ever changing  political landscape, the young population, the deep rooted history of America and the diversity of the area, Alexandria is a unique town.  It's great location allows you to be in the Shenendoah Valley  in an hour and a half and at the beach in under 2!  How perfect!


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are gorgeous, as always. You always capture the essence of a city!

Anonymous said...

Very accurate description! After seeing the pictures and reading your notes, I feel pretty lucky to experience this as my young life blossoms! And of course, Addison is sitting so proud!