Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last Roses of Summer

David Austin roses on top of old parchment books- dreamy textures together.

velvet pumpkins and roses -perfect fall combination

If you remember- our roses were absolutely dead dead dead  early this summer from the mistaken dose of herbicide they were accidentally sprayed with.  After digging out all the infected dirt and replacing it with topsoil, new roses were planted. By August, we started enjoying some blooms again.  Our Indian summer last week was great for them - hot days and cool nights they love.  But temperatures have fallen drastically and their blooming days are almost over.  I had to capture their beauty one more time before Mr. RTH prunes them back and covers them for winter.  My favorite rose, the pink David Austin rose, is an amazing flower.  So many perfectly shaped petals form that gorgeous rose. Mr. RTH- the maintenance man's favorite is the deep red tea rose.  He hates growing the old fashioned David Austin roses - says they are too temperamental- but he grows them for me. If he had it his way, we would only grow tea roses!  Growing roses is his passion- he loves to cut them and bring them in and place them in a water glass for me - never a vase mind you! Its kind of a cute gesture- sort of like a cat catching a mouse and dropping it as a special gift at your back door!  Arranging them is my job - one that I love to accept!  


Anonymous said...


I think I will put som David Austin Roses in next year.
They are so beautiful.

Katha said...

So beautiful! Love your staging with the velvet pumpkins because the roses look like velvet themselves especially the red ones. Sad to see them go, but wonderful to know they will be back again next season.

Michaela Staňková said...

Love your pumpkins and you is amazing photographer-lovely photos!!