Thursday, October 18, 2012

Easy Care Family Room with Style Galore

With kids and 2 crazy dogs, Julie opted for washable slip covered furniture and it looks fantastic

Light and airy with the filmy unlined linen drapes.

pale tan and cream cow hide is placed under the coffee table to anchor it.

such a romantic corner!

love her choice of the bold pillows to add the "pop" to the room

heavy weight open weave linen is perfect to let light in, yet give a little privacy.

I love this piece- we purchased at an antique market and found the mirror in one of our lighting catalogs

love this mixture of the turquiose and crystal, mixed with the mercury glass on the limestone top. so pretty!

cow hide covered chair from the store is the perfect size for additional seating in the room

a pair of vintage game chairs are upholstered in an animal print.

blue and red chinese porcelain is bought in for an additional pop of color.

a restful room to relax in.

When one of the Romancing the Home girls gets ready to re-do a room in their own home - trust me- input is rampant  and freely given from the rest of the staff - whether you want it or not!  But Julie had her own vision-a light and airy family room  and easy to wash slipcovers because of her two dogs!  Lots of samples go home from the store  for the night, lots of catalogs are poured over for the right accessory, and lots, lots, lots of conversacion takes place about the perfect decor for the new room! Julie chose white linen slipcovers from a line that we sell in the store - oversized extremely  comfortable seating. She has already had to wash them several times due to little muddy feet from her beloved dogs and they have washed beautifully.   I love the lightness of the large room- lots of large windows that face west.  I think it was a brilliant idea to bring in the blue and red pillows to add the color to the room.  The paint color that Julie chose - French canvas - from Benjamin Moore is wonderful. It has a "muslin" tone to it,  but is warm and makes all the colors in the room blend perfectly.  However I must say that my favorite elements in the room are the pastry stand and mirror that are being used for a bar.  What a great job pulling all these different elements together to create such an inviting room- great job Julie! 

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Post  Script -
 Izzy - Julie's dog in  "Bad-Dog" digs for Halloween!  Black dog- White sofa??? Hard to find a place to hide -for a bone stealing Halloween criminal dog with muddy feet ! 


DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Julie's family room is wonderful.
Thank you for this inspiration. You are so correct... the bar takes the cake. Speaking of cake, I can't remember if I told you that I tried your Mom's apple cake recipe. It was yummy and perfect with Sunday coffee.

Katha said...

Looks beautiful, Julie! Love the addition of the red print pillows, hadn't seen those. Perfect choice.

Anonymous said...

Positively stunning! Love the drapes and mirror over the bar. Such a lovely room!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring my home on your blog. It's strange to view what you look at every day in a different light. You're right about it being a group project. I'm so fortunate to have so many inspirational and talented women in my life. We do enjoy what we do. Thanks for making the room look so good.