Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Gift Wrap Inspirations


top of box inspired by the store windows in New York city this season

found this set of hat boxes at Home Goods this week and knew it was perfect for embellishing!

Peacocks and feathers remind me of the Christmas  windows at Bergdorfs

vintage hand towel is garnished with an antique pin and covers the gift box.

rhinestone pin found earlier this year is placed in the center of the French Script bow
soft pink and gold paper from Home Goods - simply the best quality paper out there!

too pretty to open
 a bevy of presents in the back room of the store- ready to be picked up by Santa
vintage leaves enhanced with iridescent rhinestones on leopard paper.

gold lace orchid on black and gold leopard paper from Home Goods

Who's gift is this?
grouping of gifts ready to be mailed South for Christmas
rhinestone embellished meat fork placed as a bow on gift

Stocking from Etsy filled with goodies
special gift tags for our most important customers

tartan, velvet ribbon,  feathers and rhinestones- the perfect gift wrap combination

embellished box ready for gift duty

vintage ribbon- saved for special boxes
heading to a party tonight in the city- this wine is dressed and ready to dance!

wine is placed in the wine bag with white tissue paper that has been embellished with soft
white feathers on the corners and tips.  After all, that bottle of wine needs a boa for the evening!
Gift wrapping is an art form. Creating a beautiful box is almost secondary to what is in the box.  Throughout the year, I gather little bits and pieces to use on my gift presentations.  Many times I just embellish boxes to use for gifts- ready to go anytime I need one. These past couple of days, gift wrapping has become a priority.  Husbands shopping in the store appreciate having their gifts wrapped for their ladies- one told me yesterday that the wrapping was so gorgeous that he didn't want to let her open them!  It's time for mailing gifts to friends far away so they get them in time for Christmas and there's lots of holiday celebrations next week!  So let me finish this post with  the following picture.  In a home where the mother is obsessed with beautiful gift wraps- let me share with you the ultimate wrap created by my young adult son for his little niece. He has taken gift wrapping to a new art form.   I almost dyed laughing when I saw this little masterpiece.  Anyone guess what it is????


Emily said... are a true Artist when it comes to gift wrapping...your attention to detail is amazing!!! P.S. Love my nest (purchased by Reena) it has made a comfortable home in my tree! Did you see the picture of your pink scarf made into a big pillow in my living room? I love it!

frenchbourne said...

OMG even after you telling me about this special gift wrap I just cracked up...LOL That is priceless...actually I don't think that one should be unwrapped.

Thank you for providing us with our own hometown bergdorf's. That wrapping is exquisite!!!