Monday, December 10, 2012

Favorite Christmas Find of the Year

My Favorite Room of the Year

My Favorite Holiday Find of the Year- Jill Garber's exquisite one of a kind eggs
Exquisite little delightful works of art

this one went home for the Christmas with one of our special customers

so special in a compote or nest
ready for breakfast

can't you just see this  silver tower filled with the jeweled eggs?

the silver and white feather bird add just the right touch to the display

gold tumbleweed nests add the organic touch to the gorgeous eggs.

My final thoughts on the Schweppe Mansion Christmas decorations   -  my favorite room was the breakfast conservatory.  Filled with morning light, it overlooks Lake Michigan and I could spend forever there.  Can you just imagine watching snow fall from those windows???    Linda D. helped Candy and I decorate this space in an ethereal feminine way - the special tulle and burlap tablecloth, the floating garlands from the  simple chandelier and the sweet Old Paris Porcelain china on the table.  But the crowning touch of the room was the  beaded tree of Jill Garber's exquisite eggs.  I was so honored to have them for this Christmas walk. They added that element of surprise- the Christmas find of the year.  Exquisitely handcrafted from old rhinestone jewelry and hand dyed trims, each one is an heirloom piece of art.  We will be joining for Homespun Christmas tablescapes and recipes.


Christy said...

I favorite room also. I loved the table setting elegant and breathtaking with the crystal eggs.

Splenderosa said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous

frenchbourne said...

I was dreaming that I my girlfriends and I went into this beautiful mansion transformed it for a day... with all its splendor it was even made more glorious in all holiday jewels and sparkle, then we through a party for 800 people. What a day it was! I never woke up though because it wasn't a dream....It did feel like it!!! I was lucky enough to be one of the elves that helped with that vision and plan. Better yet I watched over my favorite room you and Candy did...the breakfast room with the magnificent eggs...I'm surprise they didn't have to sell me with the house....Thank you