Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Done Right!

my favorite find of the day- gilded eggs hand crafted  with old trims and rhinestones


vintage trims and rhinestones on velvet eggs
love this small compote
favorite finds of the day

unbelievable detail on this urn

vintage silver tea pots to be filled with fresh roses for our Christmas house walk on Dec. 5th

exquisite finial detail

love the wonderful walnut finial

2 adorable small silver domes with  ivory finials

For several years, Jill and I have traveled west to a fabulous "day after Thanksgiving" event.  No black Friday promotions for us-  too many years of retailing and having to be at the store by 5 am the day after Thanksgiving   makes us stay completely clear of that nonsense.  Instead we choose to go a more gentile way-  meet at 8:30 in the morning  at Starbucks and head west out into the country  to  visit a  magical red  barn and  purchase  as many fabulous finds as we can in about 45 minutes of "fast browsing" - our own version of heaven on the day after Thanksgiving. Today was no exception.  An incredible artisan from Michigan was selling her version of Faberge eggs made of antique jewelry and trims.  They are such wonderful little treasures and she has agreed to let me sell them at the Woodlands Holiday walk on December 5th. I am so thrilled.  I couldn't wait to get them home and display them on my dining room buffet - I even made Jill take them out of the bag while I was driving home and let me take another gander at them.     We both found some great silver pieces, some of which will be for sale at the holiday walk next week.  I scored a fabulous vintage  urn with great details on the sides,  already filled with Christmas greens. It's a keeper for now!  Jill bought some wonderful tartan goodies today - a vintage throw and some stockings made of vintage tartan blankets.  She also took home a vintage silver bowl filled with paper whites - so lovely and a fabulous  large silver meat dome.  Giddy with chatter about the magic  of the day, we both agreed - this was a magical retailing event!  Beautiful food, beautiful setting and unique items that we could not buy anywhere else - a perfect retail formula!  


Emily said...

I think I know and love that red barn!! Sounds like a perfect way to spend Black Friday to me!

Katha said...


savvycityfarmer said...

I'd call this gold Friday!!!

would love a day of foraging with you

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Our day was Crimson Friday! We won the Apple Cup and filled our tummies with turkey noodle soup!