Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Three G's of Christmas- the Girl, the Glitter, and the Glue Gun

our great tasting Strawberry Jam from France all dressed up for the holidays

little arrangements of florals, berries and glitter on top of old sugar bowls- perfect little holiday touch

hummingbird floats over the arrangement with glittery wings

sometimes we add a little snow

glittered bird in golden nest with fruit and roses- perfect to tuck in a wreath or tree

even ugly plastic grapes are made gorgeous with a little glitter!

Give a girl a glue gun and a can of glitter and all sorts of commotion happens!  I LOVE my glitter and glue gun.  !  Let's face it- you can even make plastic look great with a little glitter.  One of my girls at the store said that I would even glitter her if she would let me!   One of  our customer's favorite gifts to buy is our embellished jams. Every year we try to create a new little medley of critters, flowers and berries for the top of the jams.  The dragon fly for this year is wonderful- clear wings with a green and red tail.  He is the perfect color to fly above the floral and berry topper.These embellished jams are so cute sitting on your kitchen counter, adding a bit of whimsey and color of the holiday season.  We also make lots of little arrangements to sit in small spots- where you just need a little something- like on a small powder room sink. Tuck them into your tree or a plain wreath for instant Christmas charm.  Flowers, birds, and berries are glittered with spray glue and glitter dust, then hot glued into nests and old silver containers or boxes.  Charming, whimsical  and unique, they make wonderful additions to your home's holiday decor. 


Ggomez said...

Beautiful! Do you use a spray glue to get glitter to stick so well?

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

What a gorgeous post and the photos are fantastic!!
Thank you for the inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Glitz and glitter! Fabulous.....really like the jam jars.

Unknown said...


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Just found you...everything you do is fabulous! Tons of inspiration and beautiful photos. I'm looking forward to more posts!

Mary said...

LOVE! I'm a glitter fiend myself~ those jam toppers are over the TOP adorable and what a delightful hostess gift!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely magical and beautiful! I am so glad to have found your blog and wished I lived in Chicago! Blessings!