Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Elves at Work

Yesterday, Laurell and I spent the day at a gorgeous home, two elves creating a little Christmas magic.  The owners were away on a short trip and wanted to be surprised by having a bit of Christmas cheer when they returned.  So I wanted to share the festive mantel display that we created.    Long branches of bronze coral shaped flowers,  iced large fans of platinum colored lace,  and long stems of gorgeous pearl branches were used to create the base of the display.  We tucked in miniature  imported Venetian masks on the sides and placed a large one in the center for the focal point.  Black and silver music ribbon is garlanded throughout the display.  A large silver tray was placed on the massive coffee table and filled with a spray of more pearl branches, coral fans and the music ribbon.  Ivory candles and a gold cherub were tucked in the edges of the tray.  As we left the home for the evening, we left on soft overhead lights that made the mantel sparkle.  We hope that they loved coming home to an enchanted Christmas setting!


Emily said...

SOOOO lovely! What a great way to come home after a Thanksgiving away...I want elves like that in my home!! ;)

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Susan, this is just stunning! I find so much inspiration from your blog. Wish I lived closer...I see such beautiful things in your shop!

Katha said...

Beautiful work, Girls! I 'm sure the homeowners loved it! Great inspiration for the rest of us.