Saturday, November 10, 2012

Crowning Glories

a fabulous crown motif on the cordial.  Makes me want to learn to like brandy!

Heavy gilded crown and initial

Baccarat jam jar - fill it with your favorite preserves

Velvet pillow embellished with crwon motif and rhinestones - available at the store

Crown presentation pillow from France

Crowns are my weakness- adding the crowning glory to many of our  displays! Yesterday, I found one of the most beautiful crowns that I have ever seen.  I was so excited to find a rare Baccarat Napoleonic decanter and cordial set.    The  ornate crown motif is so beautiful on the heavy French crystal .  And to make it an even sweeter deal, I am able  to pass it along to one of  my customers at a great price. I also scored a  Baccarat jam jar at a price that allows me to sell it way below retail.  Placed  on the  crown embellished plate, it is a   special touch for a breakfast table.  One of my favorite ways to display a crown is on  the presentation pillow that my friend Linda D. gave me for my birthday. Hard to find, she searched for a long time to find one for me and I will treasure it forever. The last crown picture  is a great reproduction that we sell in the store and really looks like an antique. Its crusty patina and jewels create the antique feeling of the piece.  We love using it on a stack on books! 


Katha said...

The Baccarat crystal is gorgeous!! What a great find! Can't wait to see what lucky customer takes it home.

Emily said...

I am crazy for crowns too Susan! Picked a large one up today that I love...I am coming to see your recent finds!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous of the prettiest I have ever seen. I've got to stop by the store to see it in person. And the decanter with the initial is really special.