Monday, November 12, 2012

Winter Jewels for the Stove

Collection of pretty candles on stove to warm the winter mornings

found this yellow rose frozen on the bush when I went out to cut some cedar this morning

warm color of cranberry glass is perfect for creating a romantic glow
when a tea light is placed inside

A find from the flea market yesterday - only found one wine glass, but it was so pretty.
 I knew it would be a perfect tea light candle.

Gorgeous stem on this glass

love the purple and cranberry glass together for the winter season.

the perfect winter candle- red and gold - scent of figs!  Deelish!!

Looks like winter!

An embellished tea spoon - perfect for sprinkling sea salt over winter comfort food!

Add a festive holiday touch to the stove

This makes cooking a pleasure!

Yesterday was 60 degrees and I was with Julie and Laurell at the flea market- with no coat!  Happily we all  found some fun treasures for making the winter season brighter!  Very excited, I went home to polish, clean and make them sparkle!  Last night , we finally got had our first frost and that put me in the mood to create a cozy winter vignette with a little glam on my range.  Going outside to cut some cedar, I found 4 frozen yellow roses - stiff as they could be- should have got them yesterday.   But I cut them anyway and brought them in to thaw.  I always keep pretty containers on a silver tray in the middle of my stove, filled with vinegars, fresh herbs, salts and olive oil, along with the fabulous menu board that I purchased from Savvy City Farmer.  But for this winter, I decided to change from clear glass to  a little color for the season.  A single purple wine glass and a cranberry compote are placed on the silver tray with a little fresh cedar. The thawing roses placed in a vase on the stove  add a reminder that summer is now over.  Sea salt is placed in an old ice cream sherbet with a rhinestone embellished spoon for sprinkling. I love the festive touch of the jewel tone color and rhinestones.  I placed a wonderful new red candle on the tray and am enjoying its fig aroma, the perfect scent for a kitchen  ( available at the store).  Now I just have to add a crystal decanter for the olive oil and my stove is ready for the holidays!  If you can find the space,  adding festive touches to the area around your stove makes cooking more enjoyable.


Emily said...

Sorry I missed you yesterday!! Looking at your posts lately have really put me in the mood for the lovely!! See you are on my list this week for a stop in!

Mary said...

Oh you've put me in the mood for decking the halls! LOVE the embellished spoon along with your candles and cranberry glass!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Susan, what a gorgeous winter vignette! LOVE all the "winter jewels". Your vignette has a royal feel!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Blogger ate my last comment... What a lovely vignette. It has a royal feel! You found some beautiful treasures! What a brilliant idea to bring in your frozen roses and use them.