Monday, June 29, 2009

Favorite Finds at Scotts

Laurell and I are getting ready for a road trip to my favorite antique show- Scott's in Atlanta. My best friend, Lynda, lives there and we meet up with my buddies from Cookville, Tennessee, Marlene and her daughter, Erin. It's a long road trip, but trashy love stories on tape keep us thoroughly occupied. I'm sharing with you some of my favorite finds from Scott's- a pair of gilded beds and a cane full size bed that is embellished with a cherub oil painting. The beautiful picture of the crystals is from a chandelier that is embellished with royal blue and peach beads. This show has wonderful dealers that shop in Europe and bring great things to sell.
I wonder what we'll find this time?!!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Treasures

My girlfriends, Laurell and Lynda, went with me on a recent antiquing trip. Being very much inspired by the French and by Royal Courts, we gathered a very regal assortment. The Cherub
urns are of 3 different metals and look great with the young Royal woman in the embossed frame. A pair of stylish black chairs would be great as accents. Two pair of crystal sconces were found with great french pizazz .We have decided to hold all this merchandise for our fall opening, which should be around the end of July. If anyone is interested in these treasures, just call or email the the store and we will give you more details. We hope to find lots more of this look in the next few weeks.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vintage Bar Ware

I love to hunt for vintage bar ware. Tending to like the dressier stuff - I buy lot's of silver and crystal. Small liqueur glasses are a weakness of mine, especially if they can also double as a tea light holder. On a trip to Paris, I loved going in local gourmet shops and buying the beautiful french liqueur bottles. To this day, I have never opened them - I just enjoy their bottles. Interesting bottles mixed with vintage bar ware makes a very tasty bar - you almost don't need the alcohol to feel buzzed! Those of you who love the "hunt", know exactly what I mean!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer in Lake Bluff

In just one week, with rain almost every day, I can't believe what one day of sunshine did for the flowers in my yard. The foliage is the most vibrant green you have ever seen and the flowers have just popped out. One of my favorites for its foliage is a wild rose- the leaves are very textured and the new buds are beautiful. Peonies and roses - which shall I cut first! A new variety of knockout rose in orange and yellow stripes seems to love it's space in our front garden. Every day, something new blooms. On summer evenings when I get home, I love to open all the screen doors to the terraces and porches, put on classical music, pour a glass of wine and explore the yard - cut some herbs, check on the flowers, turn on the grill - I love summers in Lake Bluff.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

First Impressions

Having just recently enlarged my foyer from the size of a postage stamp to big enough for four people, I am still experimenting with it's decor. It's the first impression when entering a home, so I want a feeling of warmth, coziness, and being welcome. Using a mix of embossed wallpaper, antique mirrors, old oil paintings, velvet drapery, and many little details, the foyer is full of surprises. Old stone floors are made cozy with sumptuous velvet drapes, embellished with crystal and silk trim. The detail on the mirror is aged gild, and there is always a sensual candle flickering in its reflection. I found this old silver lamp and updated it by adding a drum shade. The cherubs on it are adorable with their little spears. The old front doors are enhanced with two keyhole shaped oil paintings of elegant ladies. A tiny gilded chair, upholstered in an old piano scarf, has an antique gold lace pillow on it, and is adorned with a beaded rope tassel. A leather bound "Visitors" book sits on the demi-lune - reminding us of times when calling on one's neighbor was expected and enjoyed.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back from the Bee Hive!

Look at these beaches - where we rested after the wedding at the Bee Hive in Boston- all the way down to Cape Cod.
Last weekend in Boston, was our Bee Hive wedding. It was a crazy time , with a lot of fun and quite hectic getting the thousands of flowers onto a luggage cart and to the Bee Hive from the Fairmont. But persistence and a lot of wine helped the situation. We packed as many roses as possible into moss containers, hot glued roses on to curly willow stems, and wrapped napkins in velvet and menu cards. Honey comb runners ran down the tables, with modern dinnerware. Guests were assigned their table on a bee skep tag that was found on Etsy. The windows were filled with kangaroo paw, roses, curly willow, and calla lilies. Delicious food was served and the music was intoxicating. A special cocktail, watermelon martini, was served via an ice sculpture luge with watermelon and martini glasses encased in it. This wedding was a blast- awesome people, sensational food , and an unforgettable setting.