Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Day Festivities

Every year, it seems Easter gets a little larger at our house------------------if you know what I mean. This year we added two adults and one dog to the festivities.  My son and his family from Montana were visiting, along with my daughter and her boyfriend, and their two dogs.  My youngest son and his new girlfriend also joined the noisy day-  four dogs barking, three little boys finding Easter eggs and toys from the Easter bunny and my very loud adult children carrying on lively conversations!   Not one quiet moment - and I mean  not one- allllllllllllllllllll  day!

Brunch was served-  Blueberry French Toasts, Grits with Boursin Cheese, Orange Bourbon Glazed Ham,  Pasta Salad with a Lime Basil Vinaigrette, Biscuits with Raspberry Curd, Roasted Asparagus, Strawberries with Basil, Lemon Zest and Grand Marnier.

A pink Easter table for this year!

Shades of pink and white hyacinths and tulips

cute pink polka dot napkins from Home Goods

The bunnies are old German candy containers- their heads twist off and the body is filled with candy.

And for dessert-  sweet little rose cupcakes- filled with raspberry buttercream
accompanied by a salted caramel chocolate bunny!  All from Jolly Good Fellows located
on the square in  Lake Forest!

After that little feast- I wanted a nap- but oh no! Not for me today- with  three little boys tugging-
"when's the Easter Egg hunt???"
So next it was time for the Easter Egg hunt!
Trust me- there was already enough sugar high happening- so the eggs were filled with
quarters and dollar bills! ( Four and six year olds"  dream come true" for the dollar store!)
Bags in hand-

Ready- Set - Go!

After the Easter egg hunt- it was time to head to the beach to fly the kites!
So we gathered the 4 dogs- the kites- the kids and walked down to the beach! It was a beautiful sunny warm day- one of the first this year!
Papa Jay and Addison having a heart to heart about the other 3 boy dogs.
"Just keep me away from them- okay????"

Julie, my daughter and her boyfriend, Jon, helping to get the kites up in the sky

Kayleigh  and Biscuit- our old 17 year old very  grumpy dog! 

Roscoe- digging for treasure in the sand!  Where's that bunny???

Tyler and his new girlfriend climbing the rocks-

Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Faux "Mirror Tile Ceiling

A couple of posts ago, I was in the process of updating my library.  Just in time for a party, we finished the new ceiling and lighting in the room. To remind you of  my old ceiling, chandelier and drapes-

Silk panels with a menswear valence on the top

A vintage tole chandelier that I purchased in the 80's!

A Raymond Waites red and caramel wall paper treatment.

I put this wallpaper up about 12 years ago
So down it came and up went the new paper and chandelier.
Here's the new look for my library!

An antique mirror tile paper by Cole and Sons.  Perfect for the reflection of the antique chandelier. 

I took the valance off the top of the drapery panels and just used an antique rod- a much simpler treatment.

Laurell came  to my rescue and painted the walls with a fresh coat of paint and deepened the gold color on the plaster
trim that is around the ceiling in the room.

The wallpaper mimics the Aiden Gray mirror.

I love the reflective quality of this paper.  The reflection of the light is so pretty at night.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Inspired Floral Design

Last night, my husband and I hosted a party for his work colleagues.   I ordered the flowers from our local florist, Twigs.   As usual, I was delighted and inspired by her creativity.

Tuscan inspired with lemons, kumquats, figs, tulip magnolias

Fig branches

Love the green and white variegated tulips

a gorgeous ruffled peach rose with kumquats and artichokes was sent by a guest!

Have you ever seen such a ruffled rose before?    Unbelievable!

a beautiful spring wire mesh egg filled with cherry blossom twigs, garden roses and hellebores

Exquisite - I think Twig's work is outstanding.  This should be a wallpaper pattern!
Two weeks ago, I received this arrangement from Twigs from a dear friend and her daughter.
It lasted almost ten days and it dried beautifully.
I just didn't have the heart to throw it away, so I took it apart and saved the dried blossoms.
The rose leaves that fell apart, I used as an accent on the dessert buffet last night!

Most of the roses dried beautifully.  But I was surprised the sweet peas dried so pretty!
So I created this sweet little dried arrangement for the powder room.

This dried sweet pea vase - too too cute.
The rest of the roses were placed in a pile of velvet pumpkins on the kitchen table.
Look at the gorgeous color of these dried roses-  simply too pretty to throw away!

Twigs- such a talented florist that provides high quality florals.  Exceeding my expectations every time,  Twigs is absolutely awesome!