Friday, March 26, 2010

Ok- Enough with the Cherubs!

I keep saying that I am never going to buy another cherub in my life-Who am I am really kidding? myself! Who could resist this incredible zinc urn with four adorable little cherubs - at least there's horses on this one. It's my latest addition to the cherub inhabitants in my home. I try to keep them in different rooms so it's not so sickeningly sweet everywhere. I even add sticks to try to "unsweeten them"- yet there they are- smiling sweetly at me- in every room. Just for grins, I should take a cherub inventory in this house- I'll bet there are enough to start their own country. I am not going to buy another cherub - REALLY???

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some Things Just Continue to Look Good!

I am just returning from Atlanta to attend the Gift Show. My friend Lynda helped me purchase jewelry for the store, and then in the evenings, we would group it by trend and price it. Usually we also find time to change the accessory decor in her home for the season, but this time we were too busy with the jewelry and getting her wardrobe ready for her trip to Paris next week. But as I wandered around her home, I decided that her accessory vignettes looked pretty darn good! I still love the dried hydrangea arrangements that we did in January- some of our best ever! The little vignette on the coffee table with the parchment books and old tarnished candelabra was charming.
A grouping of vintage glasses and decanters on columns and plateaus was interesting to the eye.
The vessels by her stove held special sea salts for flavoring her (now famous to her friends) awesome dishes. And I love the simple urn with the curly willow and the old oil and sconce in the corner of the kitchen's sitting area. So I am not sure what we could have changed this time- I am just contently waiting for her to move her home office to the music room so we can begin something new again!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Signs of Spring

The snow has finally melted, and you can start to see the first tips of bulbs popping out of the ground. The local stores have primroses, violas, and hydrangeas to sell. Easter decor is out, so it inspires us to put fresh flowers in our homes and add some eggs to our displays. I had these old eggs in spring colors, so I just added little flowers and some glitter to them. Sitting in a vintage, silver egg cup holder, they look adorable on a dining room buffet. I love the antique pink shrimp cocktail glass with the eggs. Wouldn't it be great filled with fresh whipped cream and berries?!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wedding of the Year

It seems that every spring, Romancing the Home gets involved with planning a wedding. Last spring, it was the wedding at the Bee Hive in Boston. This year, it's the wedding of one of our own Romancing the Home's girls---- Katha's daughter, Jessica. The venue is the University Club in the city. The room is gorgeous, stone walls, massive fireplace and it overlooks Lake Michigan. The cocktail hour will be in the Library of the Club, so we decided to embrace the "book concept" and make parchment paper books for the center of the hi-tops. Using the invitation, we scanned the graphics into our computer and added the Happily Ever After, Jessica and Jason, July 10th, 2010.

Jessica and Jason are using a special monogram (J*J) , so we put that on the spine of the book, and embellished it with small crystals to add sparkle. We will add color to the centerpiece with small square vases of bright flowers, and a square votive with a floating clear candle in the shape of a diamond to add a little bling!

Stay tuned on this one - there's lots of planning still to come! I found this awesome book, Magnificent Weddings by Design, at Barnes and Noble, - I highly recommend it for inspiration, not only for weddings, but parties in general. It is one of the best books that I have ever seen - the photography is incredible!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Impromptu Dinner Party at Julie's

Last night, Julie, one of the Romancing the Home girls, had all of us to her home for dinner. She delighted us with a beautifully set table. Vintage glasses held tea lights and a beautiful monogrammed napkin sat on top of a rustic, Italian soup bowl. Fresh heather was placed in the center of the table, creating a European countryside atmosphere. Julie's beautiful pink toile wallpaper, and sumptuous rouched silk draperies were magical with her collection of pastel transferware. But the best part was dinner- great conversation with crazy women and a wonderful gumbo, served over rice with a dollop of American potato salad in the middle. The combination was delicious, and Julie said that she got the recipe from Emeril Lagasse- Chicken and Smoked Sausage Gumbo with White Rice. One of her friends had told her about the potato salad addition. Her aunt had served gumbo with the cold potato salad in New Orleans. The cold potato salad against the hot gumbo was a great idea. Wanting to find our more about the combination, I googled gumbo with potato salad, and found lots of references to the combination, especially in Louisiana. It's one that I will definitely make for my family.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Designers Guild arrives at the store!

We just received the most beautiful new bedding line at the store- Designers Guild. The colors are bold and rich and all the different patterns really work well together. Luxurious , embroidered silks and linens are made in down filled pillows and throws. Most of the pillows have a different design on the back so that you have two different looks. I love the way these patterns are traditional, yet really update a room. The line can be special ordered and will be shipped within a week. There are pillow cases, duvets, rugs, candles and accessories in every collection.