Saturday, March 25, 2017

A State of Chaos

When the moving truck from Chicago arrived, my simple way of living ended.  Sheer shock overcame my emotional state as I wondered why I moved so much stuff! And I really thought that I had edited and left a lot behind.  I am sorry the truck found the way up the mountain.

750 pieces of boxes and furniture were off loaded and dumped into a spot in the house. Here's the morning after, as we starting the unpacking process-

 The unpackers just started unpacking boxes and sitting it on any flat surface they could find.

 Every shelf filled with unrelated items.  Where to start?  Crying helps.
 My once uncluttered kitchen is now a confused mess of not very welcome stuff.  Have I lost my mind? 

But finally after a week, the chaos starts to subside and a few small wonders of the world start to happen.

Ronnie and Eric show up to uncrate and hang my huge bistro mirror over the massive stone fireplace.

 From Europe to Chicago to Lake Bluff to the mountains of Western North Carolina- this mirror has traveled the world.  I can't believe it made it intact- 6 feet tall and five feet wide- it is very heavy and hard to handle.  So these guys are my hero's!

Finally a moment of reckoning- the light at the end of the tunnel- I can start to putter and decorate.
Now what to go on that mantel- still need to figure it out!

My African antelope gets it's place on the wall and the buffet below is filled with crystal and horn.

The center table in the gathering room gets adorned with some newly discovered old friends that have been in storage for the past two years.

Black urns are paired with black and white etchings in the foyer alcove.

The master bedroom fireplace gets it's turn too!  I had to find a place for those special candelabra.
They really aren't the typical mountain home accessory, but a little crystal really livens up the place.

Pillows from Chicago are removed from boxes and placed on their new bed.

I finally find the silk comforter for the guest home bed and a few pillows make their way there too!

The guest room bath is brightened up with a splash of red.

 The sink is a brass vessel bowl with the faucet to the side. Four wall mount sconces are on the counter to ceiling mirror wall.

And so the beat goes on!  Day by day, a little bit gets done.  Local charities are reaping the benefit of my lack of discipline in editing my collections.  Two large trailers of home goods have already been picked up and distributed to local charities.  Meanwhile, I just ordered a new cabinet for the kitchen to hold more dishes.  A few additional shelves in the kitchen cabinets and things will be good to go!
Some diseases have no cure!  Dish addicts understand.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Finally Moving In!

We moved in to our new home 2 weeks ago using the things from our Asheville apartment and a few new purchases!  Our truck from Chicago is on the way and arrives this afternoon.  It will be great to be surrounded by our  old things again.  So before the place gets cluttered with moving boxes- here are a couple of pictures of the interior as it is this morning!

The new urn console table arrived yesterday.  It divides the living room into separate spaces.
It is a weathered gray and fits perfectly at only 20 inches wide and  7 feet long. 
Thank you Horchow!

One side in the living room is almost complete! The other sides waits for furniture from Chicago.

  Just rugs and a few pillows to complete the look- coming in the boxes from Chicago.

The foyer- looking a bit lonely with it's single settee. 

 The long farm table arrived from Restoration Hardware and
is anxiously awaiting its chairs from the windy city! 

Cooking on this range has been awesome!

 Flowers on the table await my daughter and her fiancĂ©, along with my friend from Atlanta!
Never too soon for guests to arrive.

A few of my treasures that have been gathered this past year now can be displayed.

My antique hardware has been installed on the crystal cupboards.

We are loving this light filled space in the mornings.

Very comfy Lee chairs arrived for the master bedroom.

 Looking up at the master bedroom ceiling-

Master bathtub awaits a sore back.

The elevator has been a godsend moving into the house! 
My fabric panels of books are perfect wall covering for the elevator inside.  

 A guest bath is readied for it's first use this weekend.


We wake up this morning to sun on the mountain in front of us and the clouds slowly going away.
In the next 10 minutes, those clouds are evaporated  and the mountain is fully visible.

Sunny warm days for the moving truck today- 70's!!!!  I love the mountain weather-