Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sea Shell Decor

Nothing fascinates me more than the formation of a sea shell.  Their shapes and textures are glorious works of art and it is impossible for me to understand their exquisite creation- all done in nature! How does a simple little sea animal make such a stunning home!  There is nothing more beautiful or perfectly formed than a shell,  my favorite being the Nautilus shell.

This mother of pearl nautilus shell is the perfect container for this floral display on a charity event table.   Mother of pearl antique forks and a mother of pearl caviar spoon placed on a MOP plate are stunning works of nature.  I love the silky feel of MOP and the color is spellbinding and dreamy.

 My friend, Mariterese uses a lot of shells in her Florida home's d├ęcor.

Sea shells and roses in Jan Barboglio containers create a magical table.

 The old china pattern called Tobacco Road is placed on hot pink chargers creating a bright summer riot of color to whet the appetite.
Notice the rose petals scattered on top of the shells in the candlelabra.

On the sideboard, a giant clam shell is filled with orchids, ferns, and moss. 

A gilded hall table is the perfect contrast to the old wooden walls.  It is embellished with crystal candlelabra, Aiden Gray candlesticks and a silver tray filled with shells, coral and faux coral that is
studded with miniature rhinestones. 

A interesting mix of texture and shades of gray and white.

An antique gilded cabinet in a guest room is filled with large specimen shells  and is so pretty.

In the kitchen, a wall grouping of vintage sea life plates hang on the ship lap walls.

And while these are not shell displays, the color is so beautiful that I want to share them.
Preserved roses in a mercury glass vase set the tone for the shot of color on the large kitchen island.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are stored in oversized white Jan Barboglio platters,
ready to be plucked and used in daily cooking.

A pretty tower of implements for sweet tea stand ready for use!
Sweet or unsweet please?

Love the pattern on these sweet little bouillon bowls. 
It is the gathering and placing of these beautiful objects that gives us "hunters and gatherers" so much pleasure in our homes.  Here's to the HUNT! 
 May we all continue to find and gather treasures through out our  life!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Old Florida Charm

I am just returning from a trip to Apalachicola, Florida.  My husband and I visited friends who own a gorgeous old home that was built in the late 1800's.  

Apalachicola evokes a sense of Old Florida- lazy days fishing, sitting on the front porch and chatting with neighbors, old Victorian seaside homes and just all around southern charm.  Apalachicola oysters are famous and local fish and seafood is abundant. 

 Shrimp boats standing at attention in the marina


An old fish cleaning shed is abandoned now and ferns have begun to grow on the roof.

Vacant barrier islands provide wonderful shelling expeditions.

 Massive trees with ferns growing on the limbs are throughout town.

 Chicken coops in back yards provide fresh eggs on a daily basis.

 Apalachicola's historic district is home to many Victorian homes that have been lovingly maintained by their current owners. 


Our friends, Mariterese and Pat, own this beautiful old Victorian. 
The original owner made his fortune in the oyster business.  
Note that the original wood walls have never been painted and
 are still as beautiful as when they were built.

 The entry foyer wood walls are simply gorgeous, just as they were in the late 1800's.

 The upstairs bedroom walls are the original shiplap. 
 It is wonderful to wake up in those rooms with their grand tall windows.
And finally, who wouldn't enjoy watching this everyday? 

Never change your ways, Apalachicola.  You encourage us to grow old with grace.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

One Month From Moving In!!

It was one year ago on Memorial Day weekend, that friends gathered at Jill and Barry's new home building site to celebrate the beginning of the house.   We had just finished marrying their daughter, Laura, to Charlie at a beautiful ceremony and reception.  Finally it was time to rest and reflect.   So with our wine, leftover flowers from the wedding  and accompaniments, we sat on picnic tables and celebrated life.

As you can see, there was only the concrete foundation and bit of rough in plumbing complete. We signed those concrete walls to mark the day!
That was one year ago- Memorial Day weekend!

Flash forward to this past Memorial Day weekend- 2017.  One year later-

Walking the house this weekend- 

Front doors are in and waiting to be stained.  Stairs in and waiting for hand rails. 

 Elevator cab has arrived and is ready for final  finishes.
Living room fireplace complete and waiting for it's limestone mantel.

Kitchen sink has arrived and waiting for its counters.

Wonderful laundry room floor has been installed and is ready to be cleaned.

Master shower marble is installed and waiting for faucets.

Powder room sink base is waiting for it's sink!
So it's down to the finish line!   Lots of details to complete, but we have been told that the
move-in date is July 1st!    I am hoping that there is magic in those mountains that will make this true!
No matter what the date is- it will be worth it!  It is a stunning new home.
What a difference a year makes!