Sunday, December 28, 2014

Celebrating Christmas 30 Years in this Home

  Our home has been full of laughter, crying, yelling, running, fighting, hugging, playing, and more running, during the past week.  Five grandchildren between the ages of 10 months and 7 years old  and 10 adults filled this house for the week of Christmas.  "Noisy and loud" would be an understatement to describle the past 7 days. Now, all of a sudden there is a quiet hum- just the sound of the washer and dryer going!  Everyone left for home today and I can't believe that Christmas went by so quickly.  I am sure many of you know exactly how I feel- a little sad and a little happy that the whole thing is over.  Before I begin to dismantle the holiday decorations,  I want to record every detail about this Christmas.  It is the 30th Christmas that we have celebrated in this home. And we have grown from a family of 4 in 1984 to a family of 13 in 2014 with significant others making it 15
(and let's not forget the 2 dogs that insist on joining in on the festivities)!
There are  a whole lot of memories within the walls of this house. This is probably the last Christmas that we will spend in this house,  as we will be  building a new home in a warmer climate.  So I am a bit sad and a bit excited .   So with this in mind, here are  some of my favorite Christmas pictures .

The vase of red amaryllis that continued to open as the week went by.



Touring the Chicago Botanic Gardens Winter Wonderland



Aunt Julie and Cole baking cookies for Santa
Audrey baking cookies


Taking the cookies to the fireplace- where Santa will arrive after they are asleep!
Audrey decided that we also needed apples and pears for the reindeer.

Santa's note back to the children!

The dogs claimed my daughter's gift- a lamb's wool rug- as their own!


Now it's my turn!
My daughter opening Harry's stocking for him! 
The children performing a Christmas play for us!  They got to pick their costumes!


 Addison in her spot- ready for the present opening to begin!
.  Thirty years of memories- holiday decorations,
Santa coming down that same chimney, children's squeals when finding what Santa brought,
 and extremely  fattening meals.  What could be better than that?
From our house to yours- Merry Christmas!
One of my favorite white Christmas photos of our house!


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas from our Table to Yours

Christmas Day Brunch- a tradition for my entire life!  And almost the same menu for over 40 years- the same one my mom prepared too!  The only thing that changes is the tablescape!  This year, I was inspired by tartan.  So from our Christmas table to yours,  Merry Christmas!

Powerscourt Pattern by Waterford Crystal

Kim Seybert Red Tartan Silk Napkin on the Duke Charger from Ralph Lauren

Antlers spray painted in Sterling Silver paint

Glittered Moose with fur collars for the Children

 Rhinestone Runner down the center of the table.
Love the rhinestone bow on the tartan napkins.

Horn and Silver flatware
red amaryllis in gold herringbone glass vase.

Merry Christmas!