Monday, April 30, 2012

Dolphin Chocolate Bars- Perfectly Marie!

It is the last night before we start setting up the Spirit of 67 Home Tour and I am a little crazy- well maybe a lot crazy!  Can't decide on the table settings, but I am in love with the  Dolphin candy bars, embellished with the doilies and rhinestones- just too beautiful to eat and that's a good thing with all the calories! They remind of Marie Antoinette's lavish costumes.   I am trying to set up a French bleu and mirrored place setting  - love it- but not sure if it works with our overall color theme.  Candy, our stylist,  will come over in the morning and try to rein me in- get me focused- cool my thoughts- but I am just a "creating fool" right now. Help me! Meanwhile, I love that soft bleu rhinestone tassel on the silver box lunch vessel filled with Salade aux Ouefs sur Brioche, Ananas Fromage Creme Abricots Farcis, Salade Verte, and Chocolat Macarons.  Call the store for more info on purchasing tickets for this home tour!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gum Paste Flowers from Etsy Shops

While I was planning our display for the Spirit of 67 Home Tour, I starting searching for pretty gum paste flowers in local stores and was not able to find any.  However, a search on Etsy rewarded me with many choices. Earlier this month I shared with you some of the creations that we purchased from  from Lena Bender's Etsy shop.  We are going to use them to create a Patisserie of cakes and cookies for our Marie Antoinette Soiree on Thursday. This morning I began to create some of the "cookies" for the display using lady fingers, petal pink cupcake icing from Betty Crocker and green  Pearl Nonpareils.They remind me of the ruffled lace on Marie Antoinette's skirts! Pretty little iced chocolate cookies from World Market were embellished with a single green hydrangea blossom.  The larger blossoms will be used on cakes- notice the gorgeous peony from Etsy shop Eman20 and the fabulous purple iris from SandysCakeBling on Etsy. These artists are so easy to work with and were very quick to ship my purchases.  The ornate gold tray was found at an estate sale and will be perfect for showcasing some of the sweets.  I can't wait to get all of the elements together - I am especially looking forward to decorating all the cakes and cupcakes with these special gum paste flowers.  Check out the beautiful creations on Etsy- they are breathtaking!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka and Treats for Marie Antoinette Soiree

This morning I wrapped the marshmallow treats that I purchased from World Market for the Spirit of 67 Home Tour this Thursday, May3rd.  Variegated pastel silk ribbon, vintage buttons and cellophane were used to embellish these fun shaped marshmallow treats.  Continuing with the fluffy marshmallow idea, the Smirnoff Fluffy Marshmallow vodka was tied with a ribbon and be-dazzled with rhinestones.  And we couldn't leave out it's companion vodka-Whipped Cream! A piece of old Paris Porcelain is filled with white marshmallows to enhance the dessert martinis.  I am sure that Marie Antoinette  would have been pleased.   All of these things will be used in the Patisserie for the event on Thursday.  Call the store for info on how to purchase tickets.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anna Shea Chocolates and PInk Charm Peonies

Today I spent the day at the wholesale florist choosing flowers for the Marie Antoinette theme for the Spirit of 67 home tour next Thursday. I think Pink Charm peonies, viburnum, daffodils and Esperanza roses will be perfect. I am trying to enhance the delicious colors of these wonderful chocolates that my friend, Linda Lee sent to me.  I am using them in the patisserie  display for the event because  they are so gorgeous. Today I met Linda and we made a trip to Anna Shea's in the Arboretum ( south on Rt.59 by the  I-90 tollway) in Chicago and purchased some for the show.  First of all, they are not only gorgeous, but the flavors are unique and divine.  Banana Split, Strawberry Shake, Butter Pecan, yum- even some exotic hot spices and one that tastes like a sip of red wine! It is hard to stop eating them, so I hope I have some left by next Thursday! This is a small store with a confectionery shop and a lunch and martini bar- very fun place to go with girl friends! Try the Fluffy Marshmallow Vodka with the Godiva Chocolate Liqueur Martini.  But if you can't make it to the Chicago area, they are on-line and you can order your own little delightful bites!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Estate Sale Goodies

I rarely get the time to go to estate sales, but today I heard about  one in Racine, Wisconsin and decided to make the hour drive to check it out!  And am I glad I did!   Awesome silver trays were waiting for me to grab for the store- I love the gallery style and so do our customers.  The linens were exquisite, already starched and ironed and perfect for cocktails while entertaining!   And for 5 years, I have been searching for a set of wide gold rim dinner plates and today they were mine!  I also couldn't resist the Bavarian green and gold dinner plates, perfect for our Marie Antoinette table setting event that's happening on the 3rd of May. Several beautiful silver serving pieces were purchased for one of my customers that has just finished a beautiful new kitchen and needs dressy items for her butler's pantry. Look at this adorable silver dome- perfect for a small hot appetizer dish.   But probably the most unique find was the tulip shaped set of cut crystal wine glasses- just gorgeous and will be very hard to part with- probably won't!  The biggest surprise find- a 1956 art book of Michelangelo's work - pretty linen cover with gold lettering- a decorator's dream- cost $15!  I had seen the same book on Friday for $250 at the Chicago Botanic Garden Antigue Show-  so lucky me!  Can't wait to share these new  finds with my customers!