Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bring on the Fall Touches!

Fall is my favorite season of the year- very short in Chicago- we go from hot to snow very quickly. So as soon as the first brisk morning happens, I feel the need to start pulling out all the cozy elements of fall decor.
Bittersweet and moss balls- love the color combination!

Throw in a few velvet pumpkins too!
Love all these different textures together!

 Throw a few orange hydrangeas in with the neutral ones -

 Need to find my big twigs of bittersweet and add those too! But I don't know where I stored them??

Pull out the plaid throws that I sent to the dry cleaners last fall!

Find those fur pillows that were made from old vintage coats and toss on the sofa!
And everyone knows that I love a little sparkle- so I decide to further embellish this old velvet pillow with a rhinestone buckle and throw it in the mix for fall!


Can't forget the pink and grey pumpkins- perfect for some spots in the house.

 Pin an antique pin on the white one!  Again a little glitz!
Plant these cute petite kale from Home Depot in the vintage silver goblets for just a touch of green!

Love this!

Check out  the buffet in the hall and find the horn and pewter flatware!

 Love transferware in the fall!  Just got these new green salad plates from Allison at the Polohouse!

Pewter ends of the flatware.

Just found these rust linen green velvet embellished napkins at a local store!

They are perfect with the transferware and dinner plates from Blackberry Farm that my friends gave me for my birthday last year!

Polish some silver flatware just to throw in the mix.

 Pull out the bone handled trays-

Finally, could not resist these for fall.  Another little combination of rustic swede with a little sparkle!
Perfect for fall!  I found these yesterday at Nordstrom's Rack. They are Vera Wang and they had lots of pairs in olive and a deep reddish burgundy color!  So comfy too!
            So until next week, happy fall everyone!  Hope you are enjoying it too! Time to put out your own fall touches!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pop-Up Sale in Chicagoland- Preview Night Pictures

I am just getting home from the evening event of Tartans, Toddies and Rhinestones. It was a wonderful evening and I want to thank everyone that attended and made it a huge success!  We have filled in with new merchandise and are looking forward to our sale tomorrow from 11 to 4.
Here are some pictures from this evening's event! 


Wonderful curtain details in the entry- men's suiting with "Hermes" look lining and braided leather belt for tie back- divine!!

A very special oil painting with dog and wonderful child! ( can't see the sweet dog face as it's behind the roses! ) One of a kind!

One of a kind vintage rhinestone necklaces that have been soldered together to make long layered pieces. Can be worn in any direction as all the sides are gorgeous!

Old chandelier candelabra's updated with seasonal shades!

Okay- overhead lights off and candles on!

A knock on the door and we have a florist delivery- breathtaking flowers sent by a special gal in Texas - flowers created by Twigs in Lake Bluff!  Everyone gets cold chill bumps seeing this exquisite floral bouquet and we know we must work it into our crown and bottle display.

New crown added to the collection! Love this one!
   Exquisite ex- votos  with hand dyed ribbon!

             A new  large  crown that we just added to the collection


Dough bowl filled with fall flowers!
                              Neutral color Harvest palette on the main table in the dining room!

Lots of antlers for fall decorating.

A sweet cherub compote- perfect for candles, flowers or nuts!

Silver vegetable serving pieces re-purposed as lunch boxes with fall embellishments on top!
Imagine serving a box lunch in them- Harvest Cranberry Chicken Salad, Grapes and a warm roll!
Delightful! Every guests gets their own.

 Old Paris Porcelain Tea Service

Unbelievable French leather embossed folding screen with 4 panels from the late 1800's.
Could be taken apart and used as wall panels in a room! 
Thanks for a great evening and we look forward to tomorrow. It was wonderful to see old friends again!  We open 11 to 4 on this Friday and Saturday  at 42 Sherwood Terrace Unit 11 Lake Bluff, Illinois.  Hope to see you!