Monday, June 11, 2018

Apalachicola Old Historic Home Shines

I am just returning from Apalachicola, Florida where I was visiting my  friend, Mariterese.  She has recently furnished a grand old lady built in the late 1800's.  While the house has been meticulously maintained through out the years,  Mariterese has put  the pizazz back in the old home.

 You enter the home into this breathtaking entry hall with its grand arched staircase. 
Barnacle encrusted urns sit on the stair landing with a turquoise and cream settee.  A pair of red velvet settees sit in the grand entrance to welcome visitors.  

 Peering from the parlor into the entry hall through the beautiful portieres. 

 A shell encrusted bust sits on the gilded and marble library table in the foyer.

 The rustic blue sideboard is a great contrast to the pristine original wood walls in the dining room.

 Italian leather and gilded chairs provide a luxurious contrast to the rustic farm table.

 Every evening during our visit, dinner was served with dramatic flair.  
Even a peanut butter  sandwich tastes better this way!

 A cozy breakfast nook in the kitchen with colorful paintings and majolica on the walls.

 I found it hard to photograph this beautiful bedroom.  But I wanted to share this gorgeous bed with a headboard fabricated of an antique tapestry upholstered to a tall simple frame.  Dark gray draperies hang from the tall ceilings to the floor to create this dramatic room.  It is filled with antique religious oil paintings, sculptures, and votivos.   

Another guest bedroom is French inspired with a raised platform bed.  Antique mirror chests are used as night stands.  The rooms are  large and the ceilings are high, so light floods the room.

 Specimen sea shells fill an antique gilded vitrine.

Driving over the bridge away from Apalachicola, I became a little sad.  This is one town where time stood still and the old ways still rule.   The sheer beauty of the landscape makes me hope that it stays that way.