Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Punch Bowl- Saving It From Extinction

The punch bowl was a household stable in the mid century years.  However, when was the last time a new bride listed one on their bridal registry?Can you even buy one in a traditional department store?  In my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than a punch bowl filled with a gorgeous ice ring and a delicious punch.  However, how many times a year do you need one for that purpose?   So spotting one at my friend Penny's estate sale, I easily  rationalized  reasons to purchase it.

I love the romance of serving from a punch bowl.  It is such a southern style of entertaining.

The one I purchased was an International Silver punch set with 24 beautiful cups and a 24 inch tray.

I took it home and polished it completely.

It was in great condition and had a gorgeous grape vine border on the bowl and base of the cups.

I can just imagine this large silver vessel filled with dozens of roses. 

I think the punch cups make pretty cupcake holders too!

Serving soup from this bowl would be lovely.  A chilled summer gazpacho ladled into the silver cups
would be a visual treat.  The punch cups are the perfect size for a cup of soup.

I began to look on Pinterest for punch bowl inspiration and was inspired by many pictures.
Here are some of my favorites.

Clever use as a cake stand.

Floral ice cubes to ice down champagne- how pretty in a large punch bowl.

Punch Cup Chandeliers

I am so happy that I purchased this old fashioned punch bowl.  I have many plans for it to become a
"must have" in every household!!


Mari said...

Oh my how truly I want a punch will be on the look out for a gorgeous punch bowl.....


Marigene said...

What a beautiful punch bowl!

Mimi said...

Punchbowls filled with orchids retail for anything from $450-$900 at one upmarket French style store near where I live. And they're so easy to replicate. I have a faux tortoishell one repurposed that way, and everyone comments on it. It's not nearly as lovely as your silver one though. Mimi xxx

MT said...

I LOVE IT and I TOO NEED ONE!!! Much love!

Laurell Banner said...

Lucky find for you. I am sure that bunch bowl will be used frequently in many creative ways.
Loved all the ideas.

large dining tables said...

Great find! Gorgeous punch bowl. Love the ideas!

wedding photographer cornwall said...

Gorgeous photos!

Carole said...

I just found your post because one of your pictures on Pinterest. I sell vintage/antique glass and pottery, and I just love punch bowls. I must have about 50 of various brands, styles, colors. People now days just don't understand what you can do with punch bowls. They aren't just for punch! Love your ideas and for putting them out there. Thanks! Carole