Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ina's Melted Cherry Tomatoes over Salmon- Divine

Ina- you have  done it again.  I made your Melted Cherry Tomatoes over Salmon last night for dinner and I must say- it was divine. It is definitely  a new "go-to" recipe for my family. Your tips in the recipe really made this dish easy and very  successful!  I have never cooked my salmon so well.

First I sliced little "cherub" tomatoes in half. they are  truly the only tomato besides the Campari-on the vine tomatoes- to really taste like a tomato this time of the year in Chicago.
In general , you saute in olive oil  with onions until melted.

Throw in fresh basil.

Finish with balsamic vinegar and plate.
Sear salmon - skin side up- for 4 minutes- without touching- in an iron skillet.
This was an invaluable tip!

Flip with a fish spatula and voila- beautiful seared salmon.
Plate with the Melted Cherry Tomatoes.
We served with basmati rice. It was deelish!
Thanks Ina! You are my favorite and you have done it again!
Fresh and very healthy for the new year. 
This recipe is in her new book  "Foolproof".
Get this recipe and try it! We loved the tomatoes so much, that we made it again the next night and served it with  beef filets. Again, it was a hit!  This is a versatile  tomato sauce- perfect for many applications.


Sarah said...

It does look deelish, and I don't even like tomatoes. ;-)

The enchanted home said...

You are making me crave lunch at 9am! Yum...funny I was just looking over this exact recipe in the book that my good friend gave me for Christmas, she gave me a signed copy which was such a great gift. I made the feta and tomato crostinis which were excellent, have to try the salmon this week!

Elizabeth "Libby" Day said...

This is a must try. I really like the tip of pan searing the salmon. Thanks for sharing.

Christy said...

This is a must- try for me! Makes me crave salmon and tomatoes right now. You always discover great recipes!

O'Irish said...

Hopped over from Alison @ Polohouse... We both say hello! Absolutely stunning photos. I am a follower!!