Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tassels- The Perfect Embellishment

Yesterday during the largest snow fall of the year, I spent the day "crafting"- something that I love to do, but rarely had time to do while running a store.  So I turned on the music, got out my trusty glue gun and went to work!  I made embellished tassels to sell in our first sale - Parisian Hideaways- to be held May 10th and 11th.  Embellished tassels are an easy way to jazz up your home.  They can turn a simple sconce into a thing of beauty and make a plain pillow gorgeous! 

Old Christmas ornaments, stretchy cocktail rings, simple tassels and trims
are combined together!

Traditionally tassels are used singularly  for window treatments- but I like using several at a time.

Layering tassels of different sizes is very pretty together and makes a bigger splash!

Tassels on decanters- love it!

A pretty tassel on a special bottle of Champagne as a gift.

For this one, I strung beads and used old buttons.
Embellishing a sconce- yes this one is fancy, but imagine it on a simple one!
Really makes a statement.

Just hanging out with the guys!

On the side of a three tier tea stand

I made this one for a shabby pink nightstand that's going to be in the sale.
So sweet for a little girls room! 

It's made of ribbon roses, antique trims, old buttons and rhinestones.

This turquoise tassel is so pretty used as a tieback for this Bella Notte muslin tea towel.

On the door of a butler's pantry

Vintage marcasite beaded fringes and old buttons

On the grill work of a china cabinet

Embellishing furniture handles
on chair backs and pillows

off statues and lamps

Actually, just about anywhere!
I can't wait for our first sale!  Our plan is to have many embellished treats for our customer's homes.
Save the Dates- May 10th and 11th.


Sarah said...

Beautiful! Will your sale be online or just in Chicago?
Looking forward to seeing your next post. ~ Sarah

The enchanted home said...

These tassels are total works of art. Just stunning!! I bet that first sale is going to be amazing!

MT said...


Christy said...

Susan darling, I have to have a tassel.....can't decide which one but definitely a beige one for my bedroom!

Laurell Banner said...

Well, you certainly have been a busy little Bee.
They are beautiful. Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

Are you still making these? They're absolutely beautiful. I live in the Chicago suburbs. I would love to see your work.

Mallory McCelland