Friday, July 5, 2013


Leaving Provence, we took the train back to Paris and checked into the Hotel Aubusson on the left bank.  It is a 700 year building with wonderful charm and a delightful courtyard.

Our first dinner in Paris was at La Petite Cour and it did not disappoint!

 Loved these little bread baskets on the side of the table-

I ordered a smoked beef tenderloin and it arrived with smoking herbs under a glass cloche!

I tried this  smoking method at home when I returned  and it really works, but more on that in a  later post!
After dinner, it was a walk along the Siene.  It gets dark so late in Paris in the summer and the daylight fading away was so gorgeous.


 We ended the evening with a stop at this gelato shop. 
 Look at these gorgeous creations of ice cream art!
Pistachio, vanilla and raspberry gelato formed into a rose!
Flower shops and food- I  just can't resist!

I just love this combination of colors.

Just roses! 

I can't believe that these bouquets were only 18 euros.

Gorgeous stone sink in this floral shop -

 The quaint shop of Astier de Villatte on Rue do Honore - where they make wonderful white French dinnerware.


At the St Regis on Ile St Louis, we had the best BLT of our life! Yes, we actually ordered a BLT in Paris- you know how it is when you get a craving????

St Regis is a classic old bistro---
They chopped the lettuce and mixed it with the mayo, then added thick slab bacon and a big beefsteak tomato.  It was awesome!
Now we are at the Porte de Vanves flea market- be still my heart! This market is on the south side of Paris and easily reached by the metro ( just a few steps from the metro stop).  It is set up along 2 sides of a tree lined sidewalk.  The merchandise for sale is varied and affordable.  It is my favorite flea market in the world--------
 Silverplate warming dish for appetizers for a song!

There was a lady selling hand  dyed old linen napkins in lovely colors.

                                              Diamond and sterling belt buckle-

rhinestone and pearl 1940's purse for 10 euros!

Sweet little menu that I covered the handwritten part with a gold trim
and then had it framed for my butler's pantry!  Just picked it up from the framer and can't wait to find its home.

Lot's of old etchings - there was a table of your choice for just 3 euros each.

 Gold etched wine goblet with "friendship" on the wording

This flea market is a "must go to" if you are in Paris.  I have learned to take a small tablet with me in my purse to have the dealer write the price down, as I cannot understand the price in French.  They write it down, and then I counter with my offer in writing too!  It really makes it easier, as many of these dealers do not speak English. This is a charming venue and over the years, I have found many treasures at the Porte de Vanves.  There are lots of small treasures to buy that easily tuck in a suitcase!
Many wonderful sights in Paris for sure- everywhere you look there is something wonderful-
Architectural details abound-

Even McDonalds is cute!

beautifully displayed stores-

quaint restaurants

Tuilleries Garden

 The lock bridge - where couples pledge their undying love for each other, place a lock on the bridge, and then throw away the key in the Seine!
Our key getting ready to be tossed!

Just a beautiful  city-  what a wonderful place on earth!


Rosemary and Thyme said...

Oh Paris how I miss you. My last trip to Paris was 5 years ago and I am long over do. I escape to Paris almost everyday in my dreams. Thank you for sharing such spectacular photos and for making my heart sing.


The enchanted home said...

Wow what a visual feast!! Even the gelato and the way its served is an art. And all those gorgeous flowers...this has me craving a trip to France in a big way. Thank you for sharing all these magnificent highlights. Missed being here in Blogland!

Laurell Banner said...

Truly is the city of love. So muc to do and see. I felt like I was there with this post.
Loved the end with you key being tossed.

Emily said...

What a wonderful visual tour and feast!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh my goodness. You have made me realize how MUCH I miss Paris. It's been about a decade and I doubt we'll ever get back. But OH - is it in my blood. Lovely photos. I can't stop sighing.
I have been meaning to pop over for the last week to say Bon Anniversaire but have been trés occupé with our new goats!!! (I think if I remember correctly your bday is right around this time???)
So, Happy Birthday dear! I do hope to see you soon!

frenchbourne said...

Its just jaw dropping, one thing more beautiful than the next. I'm enjoying it now and even more thinking of you coming upon each love! Great photos, thanks for sharing.

Botanic Bleu said...

Pinning away as fast as I can! Your photos are wonderful and bring back such poignant memories of Paris...

Thank you for creating a visual memory of my favorite country to visit. Now I can visit any time by reading your posts again and again.


Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

There is just ne sais quoi...about Paris, isn't there? It's in the air...Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. We've been wanting to go back for years...really want to now! Thank you! ~Zuni

savvycityfarmer said...

it's beyond mere words!

will not have to ever ask if you had a good time!
Traveling just fits you ....

sorry, I've gone "under" since the May show ... so much happening ... missing you

let's catch up

Anonymous said...

I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog. It is amazing how well you've captured the essence of beauty that one tends to overlok!

Europe has charm. It is just amazing how this part of the world has managed to respect and maintain its architecture (after WWII) that one can even visualize even in the settings of our mainstream McDonald's.