Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chicago Botanic Gardens Digital Photography Classes

On Wednesday,  I started the Intermediate Digital Photography class at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.
In April, I completed the beginning level class and  enjoyed it very much.  So I decided to continue to improve my photography  skills and signed up for this one!  I would highly recommend these classes to anyone in the vicinity that enjoys using their camera.  The instructor, Jack Carlson, is a funny and patient man and more than willing to spend one on one time with you to answer questions.  I was a
"set it on Auto" and "hope for a great picture" girl!  Now I can use many more of the settings on my camera and get the results I want.  You learn how to get action shots, close-ups and take pictures in low light situations without using the flash.  Plus, just being at the Chicago Botanic Gardens is such a joy.  What a place- there is always great subject matter!

Here's what the gardens looked like on Wednesday, through the lens of my camera-

I learned how to just capture the object in the foreground and blur the background.


While walking around the gardens, I saw a beautiful photography exhibit inside one of the buildings.
It gave me inspiration to create "art" from some of my shots. However, for this class, we are not allowed to use photo shop to alter any of our pictures.  Jack Carlson's philosophy is to take the time to set up the perfect shot- right subject, right settings, right light and ask yourself- "Is this something I am going to want to look at again?"  Then take the perfect shot!  Less time editing is better!
I however just had to create "art" from some of these glorious blooms. 

original picture

photo shopped picture

original picture

original picture

photo shopped
They still need some work- but you get the idea.   Fun on a canvas, notecard, invitation, etc.
The Chicago Botanic Gardens offers a large variety of classes, including I-Phone photography!
Check out the fun and register yourself at .


Mari said...

Absolutely beautiful~


Christy said...

Wow! Love the colors! I would frame every one!

Jeannine said...

Your pictures are stunning!!! Such beautiful colours!