Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fabulous Wall Panels

   Last week, my girlfriend, Jill and I drove down to the Carolina's to check on our new homes construction progress  and stayed at our new apartment.  Having  moved in to a vanilla box apartment for the year while the house is being built, I was craving some design excitement on the walls. I didn't want to hang heavy mirrors or art on the walls as it will damage them.  So I found these wonderful heavy paper panels that my friend and I attached to the walls with push pins!  Voila- instant drama!

They are printed on heavy canvas like paper and will not tear.  We couldn't quite reach the top corner of the picture to pin it, but I kind of am digging the curled corner!  In the new house, I will paste them to the walls. 

This set is a series of 3 panels, but many are available in single panels.
Ideally they should be wall papered to the walls, but for now, the push pins will do perfectly!
These three panels are from Peacock Park Designs. 
I  purchased this one for the entry off the garage in the new house.

It truly looks like an antique painting.  98 inch tall by 57 inches wide!!
Only $110- super wall impact for a small sum of money.
I ordered the cow scene from here-
They are very reasonably priced, especially considering the overall size.
Here are a few more cool ones-

These add so much impact to plain walls and really look very antique! 


Mari said...

Great way to add beauty and drama to a the cow print, just beautiful.....


Laurell Banner said...

Love it. You are not going to want to leave your apt.

MT said...


Preppy Empty Nester said...

Hi... I just found your gorgeous blog through Pinterest. I am doing a post on Easter tables and fell in love with the tablescape from a couple of years ago with the bunnies. If it's okay, I wanted to use them on my blog and of course, give you all the credit. When I looked up your facebook I found out you live in Lake Forest. I am a proud graduate of Barat and one of my closest friends is a nun that resides in Woodlands. Anyway, your blog is stunning and I spent a good part of my day looking at all your old posts. Enjoy your week.

Anonymous said...

Love it , you introduce me to such beautiful things I never knew about .