Friday, August 19, 2016

Dahlias- A New Love Affair

I am a lover of roses, peonies and hydrangeas.  But they have competition- the Dahlia.  Today I visited a flower farm in Mills River, North Carolina to see the dinner plate size dahlias!

 The drive to the farm is so pretty- rolling hills and lots of green.

Then you enter the drive-way of Poppin's Posies and rows of flowers are before your eyes.
Rows and rows and rows.

I couldn't wait to get out my camera and start photographing these fleeting beauties.

 The  center of these flowers is complex and deep with color.

 This color is a favorite with brides.

And the best thing- you can buy a bucket of these flowers for $30.00!


Five dinner plate size dahlias and many smaller ones are arranged and ready to enjoy.
What a treat- it's so sad that they don't last very long.  
The national dahlia show will be held in Asheville at the Grove Park Inn in September.
 I can't wait to buy some dahlia tubers and try to grow them!
So if you are in WNC, visit Poppin's Posies in Mills River.  They are open every day except Sundays.


Jill said...

They are so beautiful!!--- this is a great find!-- the Dahlia show at the Grove Park Inn sounds like a great place to go in Sept!!

New York Roofing Company said...

Such a lush green farm and adorable flowers. Dahlias re my all time favorite. You have picked beautiful flowers for your dinner table. These beautiful flowers made my day.

Laurell Banner said...

Dahlias are one of my favorites. I fell in love with them when Gail grew them in her garden.
I think they are pretty easy to grow but don't last long like peonies.
Beautiful colors.