Friday, September 16, 2016

Pumpkin Time!

Fall signals its arrival with a fantastic variety of pumpkins at the Western North Carolina Farmer's Market.  I love this market. It is open every day of the week and showcases a great selection of seasonal produce. Spices and herbs, jellies and jams, smoked meats and cheeses, nuts and bread mixes are also abundant.

Located in the back of the market on the lower level, during the fall a sea of pumpkins delight your eye.  I went with my friend Jill to purchase some for her front porch.

Every color - green, grayish green, peach, white, orange.
These particular white ones are flat- almost like a flying saucer.
I  chuckle when I hear the names of some of these varieties of  pumpkins- like the "lunch ladies" above! Or another name like- "one too many", named for the  farmer that imbibed a bit too much bourbon and  developed a pumpkin that looks like a blood shot eyeball.

"Snake- like" gourds- not for me!

 These nubby little guys are called "knuckleheads"!
My favorite!

Back to Jill's house with our stash!  Look at the huge white pumpkin-
I have never seen a white pumpkin as large as this one.
Bundles of bittersweet are tucked in to add to the charming  fall display.
Even though fall doesn't officially start until next week, we are ready for it.
The leaves changing in the Carolina mountains- we are looking forward to it!


Laurell Banner said...

You have to love those Lunch Ladies.
I remember how awesome that market is. Have to revisit.

Christy said...

Jill's porch looks so pretty dressed for autumn! Amazing pumpkin collection!

Katha said...

Love the display! You girls are having sooooo much fun! How special to have that market so near!

NY Residential Roofing said...

Market is full of varied size and color of pumpkins. It is totally delighful to see lots and lots of pumpkins.