Sunday, November 20, 2016

Building my Home- New Details Every Day!

It's getting intense now----Last week I had to visit the house building site on three different occasions- to solve a sconce placement issue, to okay the parking area in the front of the house and something else which I now have forgotten!  It all is blurring together! But every visit, something new surprised me.

My old antique door- hauled here from Chicago- was installed as the door to the conservatory!
I love it's old beveled glass inserts and old wood patina-

The fireplace in the dining hall was built with Doggett Mountain stone and  beams that were
harvested from an old barn.  The large mossy stone in the center was found in the yard of our project manager.  He unearthed it and brought it to me for approval and of course I loved it!
I wish the moss would stay forever, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts!

The fireplace on the screened porch.  Again the header was found in our project manager's yard!

Large arched beams were delivered for the gathering room.  They were fabricated by Appalachian Hardwoods in Waynesville, NC of reclaimed Montana snow fencing.  They have this beautiful soft gray color and weathered patina from years of  holding the blowing snow off the Montana freeways.

 They used the same material to fabricate the 5 beams that will cross the dining hall ceiling.

A pair of old oak library doors are installed on barn door hardware to hide the laundry and craft room on the lower level.  I hate oak, but these have such a beautiful old patina that I might just leave them.  My original thought was to paint them a peacock blue lacquer.  I will have to ponder this a while! Meanwhile the lower level library is getting a coat of the peacock blue lacquer paint and I do love it.

This week will bring other exciting details to decide on- the master fireplace and what type of cobblestone pavers for the driveways.  And then of course there is Thursday- Turkey Day- so I must share with you a picture that I took on Thursday  of my plentiful new neighbors-

These two birds were accompanied with 5 other ones! 
On Tuesday, Jay and I ran into a flock of 14 turkeys.  
Yes, I am sure they will be happy when Thursday is over! 
They can quit running-

Happy Thanksgiving!


Christy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Susan. I know Jill will have a fabulous feast! As soon as I saw the antique door it brought back so many memories of your Lake Bluff kitchen. I would love to see a picture of the peacock blue library when it is finished. Sounds so glamorous. Wonderful fireplaces! The day to day progress is amazing!

Jill said...

It just gets more exciting as all these details start to fall into place ---- every one so far looks fabulous!!
I really love this fireplaces!!--- you and Jay are really going to love spending time in front of this!

Sure those turkeys were running for their lives!!--- they will be fun neighbors!!
Can't wait to see this week's progress--- even though it is Thanksgiving I'm sure there will be plenty happening!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

MT said...

Oh Susan it's all so perfectly lovely and wonderful! Cannot wait to see it all in person❤️😘XO MT

CIELO said...

Love the pics on the right side... hard work, but I'm sure it will all turn out marvelous...


Katha said...

Love, love the fireplaces! And that arched beam, oh my, can't wait to see that beauty in its rightful spot! Everything looks AMAZING!