Saturday, December 17, 2016

Building a New Home- The Finishing Details

It is very exciting to visit the new house every week now.  Every visit new details are revealed by our team of awesome builders and we fall more in love with our new home.

We are so excited about our new front door.  Greg Paolini  and crew (Canton, NC)  built this massive
front door from scratch using mushroom boards.  Mushroom boards are harvested from mushroom farms where the acidity and spores expose the knots in the hemlock wood.   It is quite rugged and looks like it is a thousand year old door.

Rocky Mountain Hardware made the hand forged lock of bronze.
It is the perfect oversized scale for the 9 foot high door.

We are lucky to have Chad and Brian- master finish carpenters- to create the door jam to hang this door.  Their attention to detail is amazing and every corner lines up perfectly.

 Chad and Brian installed the distressed wood ceilings in all of the guest bedrooms. 

The crystal bubble chandelier is hung on the wood ceiling and looks so pretty and soft.

 Chad on the scaffolding in the master bedroom, creating the four sided ceiling design.

The 20 foot high arches have been fabricated by Appalachian Hardwoods in Waynesville of Montana snow fencing and are the perfect aged gray.  Chad and Brian meticulously installed the beams and pieced the puzzle together to create the arches. 

The 60 inch antler chandelier was made by an artisan in Bozeman, Montana, named Fish Fisher!
Made of bleached elk, fallow deer and red tail antlers, it will be dripping with antique crystals in a few weeks!  Fish drilled the small holes for me to hang my collection of old crystals from the antlers.

The limestone mantle was installed this week, complete with electrical outlets on top for
Christmas lights!

Another ingenuous idea from my building crew- they cut a plywood replica of the new exhaust hood and placed it on the wall instead of the real one. They can cut the stone and edge it close to the plywood, rather than possibly scratching the new black and brass hood.  After the stone is complete, the hood can be fit snuggly into place. 

Light fixture for the larder installed. I love the Parisian bistro vibe in this room.

The tile installers are starting finishing details- like the beautiful polished drain in the shower floor.
I love the long linear design with the grille like drain openings.

After years of searching and finally selecting materials,  all of the little details are starting to come together!  It is very gratifying. You just hope that you don't make a mistake! 


Christy said...

The front door is truly amazing! A gorgeous door! I have always loved beautiful front doors. Knocking on the door you just know what awaits you has to be incredible! And I love the antler chandelier...what a statement. The progress is incredible.

Jill said...

I was so glad to visit this beautiful home yesterday and yet already additional things have occured! --- the mantle for instance!!--- The front door is outstanding and the hardware on it is really awesome!!I simply love it all!! Every room has such character already can't wait for all the furnishings! it is so fun to imagine You living here and enjoying each room..... Then what will you do?!!

Mary S said...

Your incredible talent shows in every inch of your home as it comes excited for you both !

Splenderosa said...

Ahhh, this is gonna be beautiful !!!
LOVE what you've chosen. Just wonderful to see it come to life, isn't it?
Happy New Year !!

Patti said...

I am new to your site and your home is just breathtaking! If not too presumptuous, might I say that you have many fancy crystal chandeliers in this home of gorgeous rustic finishes. Would you entertain leaving that stunning antler chandelier alone and letting its grandeur stand unadorned by glitz? At least wait and see how you like it when your furniture is in place?