Sunday, May 6, 2018

The French Farmer's Wife Barn Sale and a Misty River Morning- Two Special Times

On Wednesday, my girlfriend Jill and I headed over to the Greensboro- Winston Salem area of North Carolina to check out a barn sale.   The French Farmer's Wife was having a three day sale in her darling red barn and we wanted to be there on the first day!  A little antiquing here and there on our drive over and back produced a few treasures, but the real finds were at the sale!   Bright and early, we left our hotel  to find the barn.  My GPS was a bit confused on the country roads, but ultimately we found it!  
 A 2500 square foot red barn stood ready to be explored.

 Fresh flowers and arrangements embellished vignettes and made you never want to leave.

Where to start?   A cutting board for me, a cutting board for Jill, another cutting board for me, and another cutting board for Jill!   But wait, how about those baskets? One for me, two for Jill. 

Soft pink French soaps mixed with ballet slippers- I feel an inspiration coming on!

Gilded chippy frames mixed with demi johns and dried hydrangeas- so tempting.

We both gather and place piles on the check out desk.  One more go around and then we decide that we have spent enough- well one go around- we are sure that we have missed something.

So Jill and I load up the car with little space left for more. 
Happily we head back  to the mountains, discussing our new found treasures and our plans for them!  
We will definitely come back to this barn sale in the future.

When attending a pop-up sale, there are really two exciting times.  One is when you shop the event and purchase your treasures.  The second is when you get them home and have time to incorporate them into your home.  I am not sure which I enjoy more.

So its now Sunday morning and I finally have time to play with my new finds. I like to mix them with old finds and create some new looks.  It is the perfect day for being inside- a rainy mist falling with low clouds in the mountains.  
I turn on my classical music and get going!

Open the screens and let the rushing river sound into the house.

I am now in my happy place!

I start by grouping like items together.  The new olive jar goes well with
the yellow one that I have had for a while.  And I think the emerald green demi john works too.

Maybe add an old celery vase filled with bone handled flatware to add a little sparkly and I am
happy with my new arrangement on the dining table.

Next to the foyer to try out the bark basket that I found in another shop.

Loving it's rustic contrast with the gilded console and fancy lamp.

Back to the dining hall to pull out some lavender inspiration.

The French Farmer's Wife had a collection of the green canning jars, and both Jill and I could not resist taking them home.  I love using them for my herb arrangements. 

A collection of old linens is placed in the French basket that was a prized treasure from the barn sale.

 My recently acquired lavender hand blown glasses work well with this too! And I am loving that emerald green demi-john that Jill made me go back and buy!  Good call.

Next I try an oil painting of radishes over  the stove.  I know its not practical, but who cares? It was waiting for a home after the big move and the French breakfast radishes from our CSA box this week inspired me to find one!

So pretty, just had to show them off!

Now back to my new treasures from the barn sale.  I think the white ironstone pitcher looks great with the old marmalade crock and the white stone fruit.  But where to put them?  
First trying them in the conservatory- 

I place the collection on the two cutting boards that I purchased at the barn sale.

Loving this little guy!

Then I move the white pitcher to the kitchen island and place it in the French basket, along with 
fringed tea towel that I found at the sale. The cutting boards are tucked in the back to add another texture to the collection.

Yes, I think this is it ???????

I like the way this old V and B plate picks up the black range in the back.

The island is the winner for now!

The French Farmers Wife information about upcoming sales can be found at


Christy said...

Oh how I covet one of those cutting boards....they are a winner The green demi john is gorgeous. I love your painting over the range....beautiful What a two must have had a great time. Nothing better than a rainy day to putter!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I always love seeing you very inspirational posts. The vignettes you create are so spot on.

Sarah said...

What a fun time! This is just the way my girlfriends and I like to spend a day. I love the way your shared how your styled your new finds at home. Like you, I like to move things around too.

Linda said...

Be still my heart! Love all your new finds but especially like the 2 ways you used the old cutting boards! The radish painting is wonderful (I think)....wish you would show it completely. My friend of 69 years came from out of state for this last week & we shopped till we dropped. I luckily found a large silver loving cup and a wrought iron rabbit holding an umbrella for the garden at a big antique mall. Great fun for you and your friend as well!

MarmePurl said...

I as I am reading and admiring all your great finds, I am wondering how one finds out about these type of pop up sales. Thanks so much for including the info link!

Jill said...

I agree that the finding of our new treasures is the best— but equally as fun is to find the right place in our home for it all!—- you do such a beautiful and joyful job of that!—- always fun to do together— I’m ready for our next adventure!!

Linda Lee said...

I'm so happy that all that moving and unpacking is behind you. Now you bring home all those goodies and enjoy playing in your new home. Love the lavender blown glasses.