Sunday, August 19, 2018

Country French Magazine - We're in it!!

Imagine my excitement when I received a call last July 2017  from Bonnie Broten- a veteran stylist and producer for Meredith publishing!  She wanted to submit our new home for publication to the magazine.  She asked me to take several shots of specific rooms and send them to her. It took about 4 months to hear back from the editors, but we were chosen for Country French and it's just hitting the newsstands!

Bonnie and crew arrived last February to style and photograph our home. It was a wonderful learning experience and a fun and hectic  time. 
Here is a look at the pictures of the gathering room  that I submitted to Bonnie, so you can see the before pictures.

Here is the shot that went into the magazine!

Bonnie lightened up the bottom shelf and exchanged the glass samovar with the French wine bottle.
She explained that dark objects on the bottom shelf don't show up and she was right!
I have kept it this way and enjoyed changing the flowers or greenery in the bottle.

For this shot, Bonnie lightened up the coffee table and the mantle. She also removed the urn and candlestick from the hearth area.  It too has stayed the same with the exception of a pair of iron stools that  I placed on the hearth for additional seating.  

                                           Below are the before pictures of the kitchen.

 Note the lamps on the island and the black tole tray over the range.

Following is the shot that was published.
Bonnie felt that the white alabaster lamps were distracting, so we removed them.  She also felt the black tray was too dark and we needed a lighter picture.  Since the shoot, I have replaced the lamps with a carved wooded lamp, and kept the old oil painting behind the range!

Current island with different lamps!


 The dining hall before the shoot!

The magazine shot!

One of my favorite pictures in the magazine.  
I love the way Bonnie tossed the ranunculus  petals on the table surface!

Another shot from the dining room hutch.  This is the final picture in the magazine. 
 Bonnie added the flowers and grapes for the photo.  I loved it!

My submission picture for the prep kitchen (larder).

The magazine picture- brighter and more interesting with the cart pulled into the center of the room instead of against the window.

The master bedroom before shoot!

Bonnie removed the black cherub statues and replaced them with a simple bouquet of queen annes lace. The fur throw on the bed was replaced with a cashmere throw. She added the pink pillows for a pop of color.  

Magazine shot-

Master bath in the magazine article

Here are some rooms  that did not make the magazine.

The sunroom didn't make the cut!

Neither did the powder room

or the elevator

or the entry

or this great vignette styled by Bonnie.

or one of my favorite things in the house- the front door!

Bonnie Broten editing my stuff- a hard task!

Bree Williams the photographer and her wonderful assistant - Charlene

Bree lighting the candles for the table shot!

As it was February in the mountains of North Carolina, landscaping was a challenge. 
Our wonderful team from Dream Escapes dug holes in frozen ground and put in hellebores and heather.  Camelia bushes were planted too!

This was a wonderful experience.  I am thankful to have had the privilege of working with these very talented ladies for several very cold days in February.  It was a memory that I will cherish forever and I am very pleased to see the results in print!

Here's to Country French in the mountains of North Carolina!


cbm said...

I just finished a wonderful hour reading the magazine. It definitely captured the charming European elegance of your home. I love the new lamps in the kitchen and the bar stools are gorgeous. Country French Magazine is a a must from now on......I actually bought the last copy at Barnes & Noble. And I love your quote "Using the good stuff every day makes me happy."

La Vie Quotidienne said...

How wonderful. They must have been so impressed by your amazingly beautiful home and all of the beautiful and elegant furnishings. I am looking forward to buying the magazine.


Congratulations, your house is gorgeous, every single room !
Your house is magazine worth, indeed.

Linda said...

Just subtle tweaking made all the difference! Love the way that the rooms looked so much brighter and modern. Not a terribly hard task to tweak since all the things they had to work with were such treasures. Congrats to having your beautiful home make it into print so the masses can view your hard efforts! TFS

Jill said...

Truly magnificent!!—- your pictures were wonderful but their lighter did enhance!!— I can’t believe the sun room didn’t make the cut — it was / is so beautiful!—- You should be very proud —- all of your hard work in the creation of this home has paid off !!— time for another project?😋

Splenderosa said...

Amazing how a professional lighting person and stylist can make a few changes and, voila, the image changes just enough. You home is absolutely beautiful !!! How I love North Carolina.

Sarah said...

How exciting! I can't wait to pick up a copy. Country French magazine is one of my favorites. What an honor to be included in this stellar publication.

Lorene said...

Your home is so lovely!!! And how exciting to be featured in County French Magazine! "You Go Girl"! and keep on decorating. Love your taste!!! and your blog! :)

Laurell Banner said...

Wonderful article. Love the way they shit in and straight on certain areas. It looks so bright and cozy.
The pop of green all over really brings the outside in.
Such a beautiful home with so many treasures.
You have done a fantastic job and must be very proud.

Ian's Girl said...

Stay dry, my friend!