Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Gets a New Saddle

I just love sparkle! While out at flea markets, sometimes I will find old rhinestone trims on old coats and dresses. When the garment is not in great shape, I remove the decals, cuffs, buttons and trim to use in other projects. A pair of rhinestone cuffs from a vintage evening jacket make festive "saddles" for my Christmas reindeer, so Santa can safely ride through the night! A long piece of rhinestone trim from the front of a dress makes a beautiful garland , just draped over a compote of vintage Shiny Brite ornaments. One of my favorite finds is a rhinestone rose that was sewn to front of a coat. It makes the perfect coaster for a Christmas candle. all of these sparkle brightly when surrounded by candlelight! Through out the year, I use these vintage elements in different ways. - Valentine's is just around the corner and I think I know what Cupid will be wearing!

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