Sunday, August 21, 2011

Displaying Your Crystal.

New Buffet that sits in alcove that leads into dining room.

Old doors with aged mirror reflect the new buffet on the opposite wall.

New hardware that replaces the simple iron knobs on the buffet.

A stack of gold encrusted fruit bowls that sit on top the server. I just added a little more sparkle with the old rhinestone flower pin.

A new pair of french candelabras with soft lavender and peach crystals mixed with clear.

A French bronze lady mixed in with the vintage and new Venetian glass.

An antique coffee urn sits in the middle of the display.

Pink and gold dinner plates accent the pink and lavender candelabra.

Gold details on the champagne glasses look pretty with the silver sherbets on the shelves above.

A collection of Venetian crystal glasses - "Which one shall I drink my wine from today?"

A close-up of the shelf above.

Collecting beautiful crystal and china is a passion of mine, but storing it is a challenge. So I display as much as I can on open shelves so that I can enjoy it everyday. I just purchased a high buffet from Noir, a line that we carry at Romancing the Home. It arrived on Friday, and today I had time to "fill it up" and re-organize my dish pantry, so that I have easy access to all my treasures! Displayed on the top is a collection Venetian glasses on a silver gallery tray and special china. The new buffet sits under a mirrored shelf unit that holds a collection of venetian glasses and silver dessert sherbets. It's knobs were plain iron, so I removed them and replaced them with rhinestone and bronze knobs- so pretty.( I purchased these floral knobs at Studio 41 in Highland Park. They have an amazing selection of cabinet hardware.)

Crystal and china that has gold accents is very elegant, so we have been gathering many new dishes for the store for the holiday season similar to the ones shown. We will be mixing it with great new metallic chargers and animal print napkins to give it an updated look.

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Carrie said...

What a fabulous collection of crystal! I enjoyed seeing how you've displayed china and silver pieces along with your's quite stunning!