Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Paris Apartment in Illinois???

A sweet little sitting area in the kitchen!
A little French settee with votives and a collected bunch of pink flowers - how pretty!

A French pastry table filled with delectable sweets under cloches for dessert!

Notice the wonderful old pressed glass cake plates and the incredible pottery dome!

For appetiser- a soft cheese, surrounded by fresh cherries and pepperoni- so pretty!

Just look at these gorgeous cherries- what a great idea on an antipasto platter!

One elegant single rose in a venetian vase!

One can tell Christy's a cook by her collection of cookware on her stove!

Dessert under glass- can't wait!

The buffet table - a white azalea surrounded by satellite vases of white phlox.

What a great idea for the powder room- a plate rack used as a towel rack

with small pictures tucked in the center!

A beautiful daybed off to the side in the great room!

Great collection of vintage busts and books!

What a bed to dream in- sweet dreams forever! so so pretty!

A compact , yet efficient and elegant computer area in the bedroom.

Sometimes you get lucky and get invited to an enchanting home for dinner. Christy invited a group of us to dinner tonight. Arriving, I felt as though I was in Paris, in an exquisite apartment, and being treated to a dinner by a private gourmet chef. Christy has a collection of beautiful crystal, silver and art that creates a magical home. I love her talent for mixing heirlooms and new finds and creating a cozy space of her own. I had to share pictures of her home with you.

Being an Italian girl, she's an outgoing hostess and put on quite the spread! Dinner was relaxed and delish! Summer pasta, made with home made linguine, a sausage and cheese salad and her special bruschetta- how much better could it get? A crazy thunderstorm occurred during dinner and made us happy to be inside enjoying this wonderful dinner with friends.


Anonymous said...

Omg! Christy! Not what I expected! So girly! And all those antiques! I'll have to see it sometime! -Julie

Anonymous said...

OMG is right!!! What a glorious job you have done in incorporating all of the antiques with your new and eclectic finds. I love the copper pot too. I just wish I had been invited to dinner too. Great job w/ presentation of the food and the buffet table. You've got great style.

Lynda Sue