Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wedding Invitation in a Tube

Tyed with hand dyed pink ribbon.

Stamped and embossed Crest Stamp embellished with rhinestone.

Rhinestone embellishment purchased from Hobby Lobby

Mailing tube used to mail the embellished tube and invitation

Amy, one of our Romancing the Home girls, surprised us by deciding to get married on the beach in Florida a couple of month's ago.  With little notice and  no time to prepare, we decided to have the wedding reception later this fall at my house.  The invitations have just been mailed and were a labor of love for her.  We first started with a 2inch by 12 inch mailing tube that we purchased on line from PaperMart.  A French letter was the background design to which we added "once upon a time" in red letters in Photoshop.  ( I cannot remember where I found this letter, but the Graphics Fairy is a great place to get copies of French letters ) Copying this to parchment paper, next we stamped and embossed a gold crest to the front of the letter. we glued the sheets to the tube and finished the tops and bottoms with velvet hand dyed ribbon.  We embellished the crest  with a rhinestone.  The final touch to the tube was adding a rhinestone embellishment that we purchased at Hobby Lobby.   The actual invitation was created on parchment paper using Chopin Script ( a free download from   We hand tore the edges, sprayed it with a glimmer mist from a scrap booking supply store, and embellished the crest with a rhinestone. The back edge was stamped and embossed with a garden gate stamp and then tied with hand dyed ribbon. It was then inserted into the embellished tube and sealed with gold painted end caps.  To mail the invitations, we had to use a slightly bigger tube (3 by 15).  We stamped it with the "love gives us a fairytale" stamp and filled the tube with crinkled filling of gold and cream paper shreds  and the invitation.   Surprising enough, it was less than $3.00 to mail each of this over sized invites.   Now it's time to start planning the menu and details! Stay tuned!


Mary Palumbo Collings said...

What a beautiful idea... Happy saturday.


Ephlaba79 said...

Where can I buy any of those for my wedding? Or Do you get all those for the price on your website?

Kimberly said...

I was wondering where I can by some of your things for my wedding and how much they are?