Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kansas City Girlfriend Christmas Get Away

Jay Strongwater pillow is going home for Christmas
Exquisite beading on hand dyed velvets - to die for pretty!
Can't decide where to put it???
Parking garage of Hall's Department Store decked out for the season

Love the Cinderella carriages that ride around the Plaza
Jay Strongwater stockings new for this season- a trunk show was going on at Halls

Harlequin pattern of handset rhinestones on the body of the pillow- so pretty
warehouse district in Kansas City- home of the monthly Bottoms Up pop up sale

another pop up for the weekend in the same area
Bottoms Up treasures - vintage French trims and hand dyed ribbons

French letters- just arrived from France on Tuesday night for the show at Bottoms UP

A bolt of rhinestone trim found at Bella Patina for a steal

I can already see these little beauties on velvet and silk pillows

I just like staring at this stuff- it makes me happy!

another find from a great Kansas City shop-  The Webster Shop

cute little black deer with glittered feet and antlers

love his crown- he now has a home on my banister with glittered nests!

antiquing is awesome in KC area-  really great prices on transfer ware

found these grey and cream leather books with the crown detail- although they are French, the crown almost looks like the Hallmark Crown.  Perfect treasure to remember KC- the headquarters of Hallmark!

On Thursday morning, after finishing the Schweppe Mansion holiday decorations, I got up early, picked up Jill and headed off to Kansas City for a girlfriend holiday shopping gala! We met Marlene and Jill's sister, Nancy at the airport in KC and headed out for 2 wonderful days of shopping.  And let me tell you- we were not disappointed!.  First we headed to Nell Hills store to enjoy our first stop.  Finding it to be very similar to past years, I did manage to purchase a set of antique champagne saucers with a gorgeous gold motif  and have them shipped.  Next we headed to Hall's department to store to their Christmas trim department.  While still gorgeous, we were a little disappointed in the ornaments this year- a little too whimsical for all of our tastes. We had purchased many gorgeous ones in the past years- elegant and glitzy.  We did buy a few, but the highlight of the visit was the Jay Strongwater trunk show.  This year, he  introduced pillows, throws, and stockings to his holiday collection and they are truly works of art. Then it was on to check in to the Raphael Hotel, we freshened up and headed to Jack Stacks for dinner.  The next day I called Carol Spinski of "Raised in Cotton" to get directions to her store and left a message.  Within minutes, she called me back and told me about a  pop-up sale that was happening this weekend and said to go to it instead! What a girl!  The Bottoms Up show is held the first week end of every month and we just happened to be in town.  Hurray for us! and off we went!  All of us found wonderful treasures!  Nancy then suggested that we go to the Webster House for lunch and shopping- sounded good to me!  This is a must see- an old school house transformed into a tea room and store with very very very tasty merchandise!  There is something for everyone- clothing, jewelry, antiques, and home decor. We spent a delightful 2 1/2 hours there and headed out south of the city for more antiquing!  Dinner at a French bistro and back to the Raphael to re-energize for more shopping the next morning! It was then back to the airport and say our good-byes- Jill and I off to Chicago- Marlene back to Nashville and Nancy to Colorado Springs.  It was a wonderful 2 days- great companionship and great shopping- the perfect girlfriend get away.  And best of all- we all found treasures!

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frenchbourne said...

I see it was well worth waking up early and taking that trip after all the hard work at the Schweppe/Shedd Mansion. Glad you had someone else give YOU some inspiration and some replenish.