Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Schweppe Mansion- Final Touches and Promises of Magic

Formal dining room table - gold lace runner with Cinderella swans filled with different varieties of ferns, white and gold mis-matched china with fresh red roses crushed under the glass Arte Italica plates. 

silver croco pattern chargers with vintage wide band gold plates

Crown on a fresh rose "presentation pillow" with rhinestone and silk tassels on corners

a collection of vintage tea pots were filled with ming fern, peonies, and fresh roses

These peonies are so intricately formed, tightly closed. Wonder if they will open by the morning?

View from the center reception hall table to the buffet filled with amaryllis, moss balls and white feather owls

Our little boutique is set up in the south conservatory!  Too bad this can't be a permanent installation!

Deer decked out with a rhinestone saddle and necklace.

Owl arrangement in a perfect spot- ready to watch it's prey through the incredibel lead and limestone windows.

Candy's creative juices at work - dressing up a simple brass chandelier over our fantasy breakfast table.
Can you believe that ceiling detail?

Penny set a darling kitchen table in the "kitchen" for the "help".  You would not believe this kitchen- a true
caterer's dream.  Walk in refrigerator, deep fryer,  a huge Wolf range and another cooktop, an ice cream station, and the list goes on. 

In today's retail environment, it is sometimes hard  for customers to get inspiration and get excited. Well I am here to tell you that this Christmas  home tour will get your creative juices flowing. If in the area, you must come see this extraordinary home. It simply gives you cold chill bumps.
Today was our last day of set up for the Woodlands Holiday Walk ( we thought it was our last day, but we got this little surprise Fed Ex box about 3 PM , opened it, and knew it was coming to the mansion!.)  All of our fresh flowers had to be placed, the inventory sheets finished and our final walk-thru for our last little details.  Julie met me at the residence to finish the inventory, while I completed the fresh floral details. Last night, a little elf created the  fresh rose pillow and many little tussie mussies to set through out the house. ( When I arrived at the house this morning and much to my delight, I learned that the  listing agent loved the decorations so much that she had hired a professional photographer to capture the holiday magic.  I can't wait to see the pictures. ) Today I am sharing bits and pieces of our set-up, as I have to save the big reveal for after the tour. For local folks,   if you haven't purchased tickets, they are available at the door at Woodlands Academy tomorrow morning.  The tour hours are from 10 am to 3 pm and as an added feature this year, all the decorations at the Schweppe Mansion  are available for purchase.  And for a exciting surprise final detail, we received a special box from an incredible artist today. Penny, Katha and I planned an exciting presentation for these special little treats.  For those of you that love old textiles, rhinestones, and whimsey, don't miss this extra treat. Hope to see lot's of familiar faces at the Holiday Walk tomorrow- this is one house you should not miss!


Lorilee said...

Stunning! I so wish that I lived close enough to see it in person. I can't wait for more pictures.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW!!! What I have seen in these photos
is absolutely Fabulous!!! I am so excited to see your work in person tomorrow.
Roz M

Mariterese said...

Event.....AHHHHHH!!!! For the love of a gorgeous hunky man !!! Pat just said I can take the 6 am flight to CHI!!! However I will lunching at the Four Seasons with the Luminex wives and missing all this fun and opportunity to purchase SO MANY TREASURES
PLEASE !!!! Buy whatever has my name on it for me
The place looks AMAZING
Seriously the place looks fabulous - you all should be
so proud


Lynda Sue said...

What an incredible accomplishment for you and the
girls. Absolutely gorgeous. I know you have all worked so hard, I hope today brings lots of excitement and that
you are all able to enjoy all the fruits of your labor.
Can't wait to see all the "treasures".
Lynda Sue

Anonymous said...

Just my luck to have jury duty today so I will miss the house tour! Weep for me. It looks breathtaking. Gorgeous flowers in the silver tea pots. LOVE!

Cynthia said...

I'll let my Chicagoland friends know about this. Any chance this will be up after the 1st? We might be in the area for visits. Looks beautiful! I'd love to see the whole place.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Susan,Susan, Susan,

You are so tremendously talented. What an extreme pleasure it was seeing your magical transformation of this historic architectural treasure!

Your magical touch was the talk of the town today! Your countless hours of hard work paid off. A phenomenal presentation totally befitting to the grandeur of the home.

Loved every inch and every detail! (The ornaments on the little tree were unreal. What an artform!)

Perfect day to start off the holiday season!

Great job.
(Standing ovation from me to you!)


Alison @ The Polohouse said...

P.S. Hope you are home with your feet up and enjoying a very, very large glass of wine!


Oh my, this is simply stunning! I just ran into you looking for lace table runners, as I have a vintage shawl and wanted to see if I was right. Amazing house and so elegantly done for C'mas. Wonderful inspiration, specially your dining table. I just became your follower, hope you like to do the same, I don't want to miss your posts.