Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sweet Valentine's Tributes

 Sunday  night, I was at my friend Jill's home for dinner.  It is always a treat to explore her little antique vignettes that are displayed in her home.  She has a natural talent for creating little magical collections of fresh flowers and antique accessories.  While she was preparing a delightful  dinner, Marlene ( who was visiting from Tennessee) and I were admiring and taking pictures of these thoughtful little displays. 

On the kitchen pine farm table, a mirror plateau with two small pitchers of fresh flowers, a candle, salt and pepper cellars and a sugar bowl.

A wooden bread board with Leslie Stowe crackers, Camembert, truffles and fresh roses - served with a gorgeous horn cheese knife.

 A collection of  silver, horn and iron pieces with fresh tulips and a boxwood ball for a pop of color!

 Parchment books, Victorian iron planters filled with fresh ferns,
a terrarium filled with tulips, nests, eggs and moss.

 The fresh ferns and moss remind us that spring is coming soon!

Moss, ex votos, roses, candles and the boy statue on a cement Jan Barboglio plateau in the center of the dining room table.
On a side note-----
The three of us had spent the day before at a local flea market.  One of the booths was displaying some handmade items made from old lace, rhinestones and old books. 
 We simply could not resist them.

Little card board potting pots with wire handles were covered with vintage lace remnants and then embellished with rhinestones.  Excited about my purchase, I placed them on a silver tray and filled them with dried roses that were left from Julie's birthday  party last weekend.   

Tossing a little bright green reindeer moss on the tray added the contrast that I needed.

Insides of old books are wrapped and tied with laces and rhinestone embellishments.
I added these to the tray.

I had purchased the candle bobeches the month before and they looked perfect with this Valentine's vignette.

Old wax cupids from the 1920's were then added to the grouping.

Vintage blush and grey beads from the flea market look so pretty on the tray.


Just need to add a few votives and voila-  a wonderful centerpiece for Valentines!
I have found that silver trays, plateaus, bread boards, and books are all great elements to "corral" a collection together on a tabletop. It unifies the statement and makes a stronger impact with all the items grouped together, rather than placed individually on the table. 
After being inspired by my friend's home on Sunday night, 
 I have decided that  Jill is a master of this skill! 


Ricki Treleaven said...

Wow, what lovely vignettes. I love all of Jill's and your pale pink and sparkly Valentine's vignettes are so, so pretty, too.

Y'all are both very talented, and I wish y'all lived close by so you could help me put together some stunning vignettes! :D


Marie said...

Beautifully done.

Unknown said...

So beautiful! Great inspirations. The colors are so soothing and lovely.


Unknown said...

Beautiful valentine vignette! Love everything. The colors are very soft and lovely. Thanks for the eye candy!


Judy Biggerstaff said...

Beautiful and romanic vignettes for Valentine's Day. I recently won your book over at The Polohouse and have been loving every day. The book is so detailed and certainly does romance the home. Thanks for so!

Anonymous said...

I loved Jill's collections..all so very pretty.

MarmePurl said...

Silver and boxwood. So elegant. So beautiful.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Beautiful vignettes... I love the cheese platter. So well done... you must have loved your visit! You have a very creative friend!

MT said...

I love all of Jill's vignettes especially the JB in the center of her dining room table
Just fabulous
Happy Valentine's Day dear Susan

frenchbourne said...

Jill is definitely a RTH girl. I've seen some of her yummy pieces that are quite unique. How do you manage to ride home together :-) Your valentines vignette is the prettiest setting for valentines that I've seen. Did I mention before....that magic wand is working overtime.